(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past two years I have been trying hard to help my friends and relatives know of Falun Dafa. Every time I talked to them about it, I'd described in detail how cultivation in Falun Dafa has miraculously cured many people's illnesses and how many people have witnessed magical and wonderful scenes, but the effect was not good. I continuously felt very regretful and annoyed, yet I did not know how to do it differently.

Recently, through reading Master's lectures again, I have come to some realizations. For instance, whenever there is a problem we should search inward. In the past few days I have been thinking of why I just cannot help my friends and relatives understand the greatness of Dafa. After careful self-examination I finally realized the problem is within myself. I have had the attachment of using Dafa's miraculous aspects to guide them to accept Dafa, but I was wrong! The true value of Falun Dafa does not lie in keeping fit or curing illness, nor manifesting divine powers; instead, the true value lies in cultivating Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.

Previously I had only paid attention to the superficial effects. I was attached to the fact that cultivation can cure illness and miracles will happen. I had not realized the profound Fa principles! It seems that I had never thought about why cultivation can cure illnesses. Is it possible that by just reading the Fa and doing exercises the diseases are gone and cultivators are free of any illness? No! The real reason and key point is that practitioners follow the principles of Dafa, truly cultivate their minds and let go of all their attachments, so that Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is always in their hearts and minds, and thus they obtained ultimate health. Dafa principles place the emphasis more on cultivation of the mind and improvement of one's xinxing (moral character) than doing exercises to keep fit. It is known that what actually causes people to become ill is seventy percent psychological and thirty percent physiological. Only by keeping righteous thoughts can a person be healthy in body and spirit. As for the miraculous aspects of Dafa, it only takes effect for those who truly cultivate and truly believe in Dafa.

Now I finally realize why I have not been able to help my friends and relatives understand the greatness of Dafa. I'm writing down my understanding in hopes that it might be helpful to those practitioners who have experienced a similar situation. I'd appreciate fellow practitioners pointing out anything improper.