(Clearwisdom.net) According to reliable sources, "610 Office" National Chief Luo Gan went to Hunan recently, and held a "Training on Suppressing (Jiang's slanderous term deleted)" class in Changsha, the provincial capital. Immediately thereafter, many Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested in Huaihua City.

After Luo Gan's recent visit to Huaihua, Vice Mayor Deng Yuanwu, who is in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong, requested plainclothes officers from surrounding counties to assist Huaihua City in arresting Falun Dafa practitioners and ransacking their homes.

On November 16, 2004, taxi driver He Lifang and her husband, Kan Wen (both Falun Dafa practitioners) were arrested. Police from the Tiebei Substation ransacked their house and arrested Kan Wen in the afternoon. Ms. He Lifang never returned home after she left with her taxi. The couple is currently detained in the city's Second Detention Center. The grandparents and two young children are alone at home.

On November 17, 2004, two female Falun Dafa practitioners, Yan Suixian and Li Chunrong were arrested by plainclothes officers while passing out truth clarifying VCDs at the Shimen Town Market. They were detained in the city's Second Detention Center. When people at the market questioned the plainclothes officers about why they were arresting these ladies, they lied and said, "They are spreading counterfeit money."

On September 28, 2004, practitioner Mr. Luo Minglan from Xinluhe Township, Zhongfang County was arrested while posting informational materials in the countryside. He has been sentenced to the Xinkaipu Labor Camp in Changsha City. Practitioner Wei Guimei is still detained in the Huaihua City Second Detention Center. He is an employee of the Huaihua Division of the Provincial Construction Company.

In January 2004, practitioner Mr. Pan Jianjun (33 years old and a college graduate) from Madiyi Township, Yuanling County, died in the Jin City Prison (a county level city under Changde City). His mother died soon after picking up his ashes, and his father suffered a stroke and remains paralyzed in bed. Their home is in the remote countryside. His father is in a very serious situation.

Those responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong in Huaihua City:

State Security Bureau Deputy Director Mr. Xiang Anbao, 86-13337253255(cell).

Social Stability Office Vice Chair Chen Shunzhong (in his 40s), 86-13787556177(cell), 86-745-2350777(office), 86-745-2353285(home), 86-745-2353283(home).

Social Stability Office Chair Yi Shaodong (in his 40s), former lead employee of Hongjiang City "610 Office," extorted huge amounts of money from Falun Dafa practitioners, and once extorted seventeen thousand yuan from one practitioner.

State Security policeman Tian Jialong, 45 years old, deputy Branch Level investigator, has been transferred out of Huaihua City.

State Security policeman Xiang Qingwu, 45 years old, has been transferred out of Huaihua City.

Branch Head Guo Shuguang

Huaihua City No.2 Detention Center, 86-745-2380729.

Tiebei Police Substation in Huaihua city, 86-745-2764741.

Home phone numbers of arrested Falun Dafa practitioners:

Ms. Yan Suixian, 86-745-2128554(home); Ms. He Lifang, 86-745-2769861(home); Ms. Li Chunrong, 86-745-2236746(home).