(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Guo Yaling, a resident of Kouqian County, Yongji Town, Jilin Province, was tortured to death in Changchun's Heizuizi Labor camp on May 23, 2003. She was survived by two children, Ren Chunyu and Ren Chunyan.

Ms. Guo Yaling and her young daughter Ren Chunyu

Ms. Guo Yaling

Information about Ms. Guo's children and husband:

Ren Chunyu: daughter, 17 years old, studying in high school

Ren Chunyan: daughter, 25 years old, has no permanent job

Ren Xuezhu: Ms. Guo's husband, 52 years old, has no permanent job

Their address is Xinyuan Street, Kouqian County, Yongji Town, Jilin Province.

For Information about Ms. Guo Yaling, please refer to:

"Dafa Practitioner Guo Yaling, Cured of Cancer after Obtaining the Fa, Suffers Wrongful Death at Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, Jilin Province"


Ms. Guo's family was not notified of her death until May 26, 2003, three days after she died. The police threatened and coerced Ms. Guo's family not to release any information related to Ms. Guo to the outside world. Out of fear of further harassment and persecution, Ms. Guo's family keep silent about Ms. Guo's suffering and death.

Responsible organization and individuals:

Changchun Heizuizi labor camp switchboard: 0431-5384312

Prison guards: Liu Lianying, Wei Dan, Guo Yuxin, Ma Tianshu, Lang Cuiping, Fu Yuehua, Su Hong, Ren Feng