(Clearwisdom.net) On August 1, 2004, the No. 1 Women's Prison of Inner Mongolia, in which Falun Gong practitioners are illegally imprisoned in three prison sections, resounded with the sound of practitioners calling out, "Falun Dafa is good!" for as long as half an hour. Several days before this, all the Falun Gong practitioners who had previously compromised to the prison guards due to long-term persecution, announced that the brainwashing and any statements they had made against Dafa under pressure were invalid.

The No.1 Women's Prison, which is located in Huhehaote City, has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners for a long time. The authorities made use of the prison wardens and many criminal inmates to brutally persecute practitioners. Policemen Wu Guiqin and Wang Yanwen and other policemen also took part in beating and kicking practitioners. Criminal inmates were incited to beat and verbally abuse practitioners. Practitioners were also tortured by being forced to stand continuously, day and night.

A practitioner of Mongolian nationality, Si Qin, was tortured by being made to stand for 30 consecutive days beginning on April 13, 2003. Her legs and feet became swollen as a result and she could not put on her shoes. In spite of this, Ms. Si was still made to continue standing barefoot on the cement floor. After 30 days of this continuous torture, she looked awful. After that, Ms. Si was made to stand for 12 hours continuously every day. Si Qin had been subjected to this standing torture for as long as half a year already.

On July 26, 2004, all the practitioners who had compromised to the police against their conscience due to long periods of torture, announced that the brainwashing and all the statements against Dafa that they had written under duress were invalid. On August 1, the practitioner shouted out the words that they felt deeply in their hearts: "Falun Dafa is good!" Practitioners in three prison sections all shouted loudly together. Their heartfelt thoughts resounded through the prison for as long as half an hour.

Si Qin's prison term was due to expire on August 4. However on August 3, the authorities took Ms. Si from the prison to the brainwashing class held in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. They also sent collaborators, including Wai Xia, who has previously participated in the persecution, to the same brainwashing class. The purpose of sending collaborators to the classes is so they can observe and emulate how brainwashing classes are conducted, as preparation for further persecution of practitioners currently being imprisoned.