(Clearwisdom.net) On November 4, 2004, a civil suit was filed on behalf of Falun Gong practitioners in China who were killed, tortured and insulted under Su's watch during his tenure as head of "610 Office" in Jilin Province, China. On November 13, Zambian police issued an arrest warrant for Su Rong for contempt of court, after he missed two court dates on Nov. 8 and 13. The plaintiffs are Falun Dafa practitioners, including Mr. Zhao Ming, who came from Jilin Province and Gansu Province.

Su Rong, (male, born in October, 1948, native of Taonan City, Jilin Province) is currently the Party Secretary of Gansu Province. He was served with a summons when visiting Zambia with a Chinese delegation led by the Chairman of the People's Congress, Wu Bangguo. Su Rong is the only one from that delegation being sued. According to a cover story of the Zambia Times newspaper, there were more than 100 members in this delegation.

Su Rong was the Party Deputy Secretary of Jilin Province from April 1998 to October 2001/ He was the Party Secretary of Qinghai Province from October 2001 to August 2003 and the Chairman of Qinghai Provincial People's Congress from January 2002 to August 2003. He has been the Party Secretary of Gansu Province since August 2003. During his tenure in Jilin Province, he was the group head of "Jilin Province Leading Group on the Falun Gong Issue," ("610 Office"), charged with "handling the Falun Gong issue".

According to evidence collected by Falun Dafa practitioners, during Su's tenure in Jilin Province, he actively supported brainwashing Falun Dafa practitioners, and dismissed them from Party and public positions since the beginning of the persecution. The death toll of Falun Gong practitioners in Jilin Province is the second highest in the nation. Out of 4 verified death cases in Qinghai Province, 3 died under his watch.

Data from the Minghui/Clearwisdom website shows brainwashing is the main method Jiang and his regime used in this genocide against Falun Dafa practitioners. This led to severe damage to tens of millions of Falun Dafa practitioners, both mentally and physically. According to the conservative statistics from Minghui website, at least 1113 Falun Dafa practitioners have died in the persecution, often as a result of the torture that almost always is a part of the brainwashing.

Su was served with a summons by a marshal of the court on November 4, 2004.

In Zambia on Nov. 5, the Superior Court ordered Su not to leave the country until the matter is settled. All Zambian customs and immigration posts received the court order.

Su failed to appear on the Court on November 8. On November 12, the Zambia Superior Court decided to hold a hearing on November 13 about Su's "contempt of court". He failed to appear again. Contempt of court is a criminal offense, so the police issued an arrest warrant, and dispatched personnel to conduct the manhunt.

The whereabouts of offender is still unknown, but there was no record of his yet having left the country.

This is the first Chinese high-ranking official to be issued an arrest warrant overseas.

In early August, former Education Minister Chen Zhili was sued in Tanzania when visiting with a delegation. Using the power of her position, during her tenure as Education Minister Chen Zhili forced all teachers, employees and students to support the persecution of Falun Gong. She forced them to sign petitions, to slander Falun Gong on tests, in essays, and on college entrance exams. She also directed the education system to include slander of Falun Gong in textbooks.

Su Rong is the second Chinese high-ranking official being sued in Africa.