(Clearwisdom.net) The remaining evil forces in China have been making rampant and frequent arrests of Falun Dafa practitioners recently. I believe that this is due to the fact that these practitioners still have a lot of attachments to be removed. This has greatly interfered with the work of saving sentient beings and clarifying the truth in some regions.

Regardless of the state we cultivators are in, the remaining dark minions and rotten demons arranged by the old forces, as well as the thugs in the worldly dimension, are unfit to persecute Dafa practitioners, and Dafa practitioners should not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. If the evil insists on persecuting Dafa practitioners due to its inherent nature, Dafa practitioners should "negate the arrangement of the old forces." This is not just empty talk, and it needs to be backed up with righteous thoughts and actions to achieve the proper state and effect.

Below, I shall give an account of what I have observed and want to share with everyone. I hope that we will make progress together and walk every step well on the path of validating the Fa, and minimize unnecessary losses.

Validate the Fa Properly and with Single-mindedness

In a town in Jilin Province, the local practitioners generally didn't have a clear understanding about exposing the local perpetrators, so it gave the perpetrators frequent excuses to arrest them, and even start a brainwashing class in August 2004. To deal with the situation, some practitioners made flyers to expose the evil, but few posted and distributed them.

Under this circumstance, the local practitioners should have settled down to study the Fa, find the reasons why the evil were so rampant, and intensify exposing the local evil ones to the local people so that more people could support Dafa after learning the truth. At this very time, a few practitioners with single-mindedness had safely returned from sending forth righteous thoughts and validating the Fa in Beijing, and they shared their understandings from the trip with the others.

Some practitioners with strong attachments mistakenly thought that there would not be much time left to validate the Fa and they must not miss the "last opportunity" to participate in the battle between the righteous and the evil and to establish their own mighty virtue. Some felt that it was safer to go to Beijing than stay home where the situation could in fact be more perilous. Thus they deviated from the basis of Dafa practitioners in the Fa rectification period, to clarify the truth and to save sentient beings.

Dafa Practitioners Should Validate the Fa under Any Circumstance

In the ensuing days of mid October, about a dozen practitioners in the area teamed up and went to Beijing to send righteous thoughts. They bought their train tickets together and sat in the same compartment. On the way, when the train police conducted their routine inspection, and found Dafa books and materials in their compartment, none of the dozen practitioners had the courage to admit that the material belonged to them. Some even quietly put the Falun Dafa books and material on the floor. No one stepped forth to validate Dafa and clarify the truth to the police. Later they were sent back home and sentenced to time in a forced labor camp by the local "610 Office."

I believe a Dafa practitioner should validate the Fa in all situations. Apart from eliminating the dark minions and rotten demons at close proximity, isn't the purpose of going to send righteous thoughts in Beijing also to validate the Fa and let people know the truth? When Dafa is being persecuted, shouldn't we Dafa disciples come forth to safeguard Dafa?

Purify the Cultivation Environment and Advance Together

One steadfast practitioner in a certain area in Jilin province participated in Fa-rectification projects soon after being released from the forced labor camp. Instead of settling down to study the Fa, he went around to all the Fa conferences to talk about his "magnificent feat" resisting the persecution in the labor camp. Some practitioners without good understanding of the Fa regarded the ordeal and tribulation as mighty virtue, and praised him, either intentionally or unintentionally. Even after they saw his incorrect hand gesture when sending forth righteous thoughts and his failure to do the three important tasks Master asked us to do, they still believed that he had cultivated very well because he had endured so much and was busy with Dafa projects. Some practitioners were not willing to point out his shortcomings to save him from embarrassment.

Amidst praises, he gradually forgot to cultivate himself and believed that the evil could no longer touch him because he had such strong righteous thoughts and no attachment of fear. A few days ago, while he was out distributing truth-clarifying materials, he was arrested due to his being muddleheaded and imprudent, even though he could have easily avoided it. As a result, Dafa materials and a transportation vehicle were also lost.

There are no doubt personal factors involved in his case, but elements of the other practitioners' human attachments could have goaded him. In the years past we have had so many such painful lessons. So many of our "elite" practitioners have been so mesmerized in praise that they gradually forgot to cultivate themselves, and eventually the evil found an excuse to persecute them, in some cases even persecuting them to death. Here we are not addressing the personal problems of the individual, but directing our attention to our overall cultivation environment. When we see that some of our fellow practitioners do well in certain aspects, we should be relatively somber, as it all comes from Dafa, and kindly remind them to keep a cool head, as well as point out their remaining shortcomings in a timely manner. When we find that our fellow practitioners got bogged down and do not make headway, we should take note of their good sides and encourage them to advance together to create a pure environment for our cultivation.

Cultivate Ourselves Impeccably and Don't Lower Our Guard Under Any Circumstances

There were also a number of practitioners outside the district who were responsible for coordinating and producing materials, and as the situation for Fa rectification there lately took a turn for the better, the number of people participating in projects multiplied. But with the nonstop praises that fellow practitioners heaped on them, they became reluctant to accept dissenting opinions. They took the number of people they had clarified the truth to, the quantity of Dafa material they produced, and the several material production sites they established, as ringing achievements to show off. Though on the surface there appeared to be phenomenal successes, the practitioners had in fact neglected the essence of cultivation--to elevate their xinxing.

At the materials production site, they carelessly discussed sensitive topics on the cell phone. Their hidden attachments of zealotry, showing off, achievement, etc. were painfully evident. When some well-intentioned practitioners cautioned them, they regarded those practitioners as not having sufficient righteous thoughts, and having the attachment of fear. Those hidden problems were exposed soon enough, as during the past few days over twenty additional Dafa practitioners were arrested, because they failed to clearly and rationally recognize the nature of the evil.

As long as Fa-rectification has yet to conclude, we should do well the three tasks Master asked us to do with calm minds. At the same time, we should constantly cultivate ourselves and save all sentient beings with benevolence.

The above is my understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.