One night in the late fall of 1995, I had the fortune of acquiring a copy of the book Falun Gong. I read the book in one night without stop. I was dumbfounded.

Before I began practicing Falun Dafa I had heart problems, but I did not begin to practice so that my illness would be cured. The Fa principles expounded by our Teacher cleared the dust off my heart. After reading the book, I did not close my eyes for the whole night, and even so, I was not sleepy.

After reading Falun Gong only once, my view of the world had changed and my mind elevated. The next morning, I invited my mother and several sisters to my house. They too were shocked when they saw me full of energy! I told them that I found a righteous way and a great path--Falun Dafa! After that, my whole family started practicing.

Three months later, I obtained a copy of Zhuan Falun. I became more determined after I read Zhuan Falun. I was very confident that my choice was right. I wholly immersed my life and work in cultivation. I treated Dafa as my Teacher at every moment and conducted myself according to the requirements of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance". I studied the Fa, cultivated my mind, and practiced the exercises. I never became lazy again. Teacher's words "In Buddha Law cultivation you have to boldly and vigorously forge ahead," left a deep impression on my mind and encouraged me to be diligent, more diligent, and even more diligent.

From 1995 to July 1999, I had four years of precious time for cultivation. Looking back at these four years, every elevation, every transformation of my body, every bit of my progress, and every second of my life were all cultivated in the Buddha Fa. The pure land of Falun Dafa purified me and helped me improve on my path of cultivation!

On July 20, 1999, the tyrant and coward--Jiang Zemin, out of his own jealousy, spread enormous lies all over China and the world, framed our Teacher, framed the Buddha Fa, and suppressed 100 million kind people who were cultivating "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance". While several fellow practitioners and I were on the train from Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province, to Beijing, we saw the news on a big screen TV. Although I was very calm, I was a little confused. I was calm because I recalled the words of our Teacher,

"If we change the situation in human society and reverse the general climate, then let's see who still says that Dafa is good and who changes his mind."

("Huge Exposure" Essentials for Further Advancement).

I was confused as to why such a ridiculous thing could happen--the State machinery being used to suppress a group of people who cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance"?

On the street, fully armed police were everywhere. The atmosphere of terror and the openness and serenity of Falun Dafa practitioners during the arrests formed a sharp contrast. Over a dozen fellow practitioners who had come together with me were arrested one by one. At that time, I felt sad for the people in power who issued such orders and mistreated cultivators! Meanwhile, I felt proud for our respected Teacher, who had so many determined and open disciples! I was also proud of myself that I was able to become one of Teacher's disciples. Even though I was the only one left, still, I was going to face the terror with calmness. I realized that a nobler task was awaiting me. I wanted to go home to tell more practitioners to step forward and assist Teacher in Fa-rectification! On July 20, 1999 the curtain opened. In this act of the play, Falun Dafa practitioners were going to Beijing to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings.

Fa Conferences

Facing the lies and terror that covered the sky and earth, some practitioners hesitated and felt confused, not knowing whether it was wrong or right to step forward. Some did not step forward because they feared being arrested. It was a small Fa conference that united the hearts of all practitioners and made our practitioners realize the importance of going to Beijing to validate the Fa. Practitioners stepped forward one after another. Some distributed truth-clarifying materials, and some went to Beijing to validate the Fa. I realized the role of a "Fa conference," which our Teacher left to us during the Fa-rectification.

Several fellow practitioners and I decided to hold Fa conferences at different places of the city.

"The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts."

("Drive Out Interference," Essentials for Further Advancement II)

We first studied the Fa well so that we could ask practitioners to step forward. Only the elevation in understanding of the Fa principles could bring about the advancement of the whole of Fa-rectification. Thus, before every Fa conference, we studied Teacher's articles first. Through studying the Fa and discussion, we found our shortcomings. Many practitioners thought that if they went to Beijing and were arrested they might go to the opposite side when they could not bear the torture. Thus, they felt it might be better to stay home and do what they could. For this question, we studied Teacher's articles "Toward Consummation," and "Drive out Interference" repeatedly. Through studying the Fa, fellow practitioners realized that the two thoughts of "selfishness" and "fear" were preventing their cultivated godly side from rectifying the Fa. Everyone realized that going to Beijing to rectify the Fa is the sacred duty of Dafa disciples during Fa-rectification.

During every Fa conference, we received the protection from our compassionate Teacher. In the beginning of 2000, due to the situation at that time, many fellow practitioners could not get in touch with each other. However, we would always "bump into each other accidentally" on our way to Chaluhe, Shuangji, and Erdao. We would always end up meeting the practitioners whom we were looking for. Every Fa conference was held smoothly and finished successfully.

When we went to Xiawuazi to attend a Fa conference, deep snow covered the ground. When we went there, we followed other's footprints in the snow. The conference finished at 2 a.m. It was very dark. We could not see any footprints. When the four of us were wondering where to go, a light appeared from afar and lit the way ahead for us. We quickly walked through the rice field and arrived at the highway. We all got in a taxi. We happily told the taxi driver, "It seems you came here just to pick us up." The driver happily replied, "I actually finished my work for the day, but somehow, I ended driving my taxi way out here." When we spread the Fa to him, he said, "I am also a Falun Dafa practitioner." We have had this experience many times. We all have a deep understanding of those incidents. As long as we conduct ourselves righteously, our Teacher is always protecting us.

Going to Beijing

The third time I went to Beijing to validate the Fa was in November 2000. Three fellow practitioners and I calmly went to Beijing. On the train, we saw many police milling around. I had one righteous thought: I am the disciple of Li Hongzhi, nobody can persecute me. At the two ends of the compartment, the cries of Falun Dafa practitioners being arrested could be heard constantly. However, these cries could not shake my determination in going to Beijing to validate the Fa. When we were about to reach Beijing Train Station, I saw the scene of four of us coming back from Beijing safely. After I got out of the train station, four of us looked at each other, and smiled. We didn't feel pressured by the terror from the police.

We met a fellow practitioner from Beijing, who told us that practitioners from all over the country had gathered here. When they realized from our accent that we came from Teacher's hometown, they all wanted to see us and wanted to share experiences. My first thought was: No. We did not do well enough, so I repeatedly emphasized our intention to validate the Fa on Tiananmen Square first. Later, with the repeated persuasions from the practitioners from Beijing, I realized my selfishness. I realized each of our practitioners is a particle, and practitioners from all the cities throughout the country are one body. Only if every particle is mobilized can we become an indestructible body. Therefore, we followed the practitioners from Beijing, visited several places and shared our experiences and understanding with other practitioners. During the sharing, we learned that many practitioners from other cities had lived in Beijing for several months to distribute informational materials.

(To be continued)

(Sharing article for the First Written Experience-Sharing Conference for Falun Dafa Practitioners in Mainland China)

October 12, 2004