(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province has been very severe, with many people being sent to forced labor, often more than once. Heyuan City is currently still holding brainwashing classes. The following stories provide examples of Falun Dafa practitioners who are suffering severe persecution:

Ms. Yang Hongfang is an employee of the Provincial Electrical Power Bureau and has a college degree. She was illegally detained for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and was sent to a mental hospital, where she was forced to have harmful injections that caused great physical suffering. Ms. Yang was later sent to the Guangdong Sanshui Forced Labor Camp for one year. The perpetrators sentenced her to an eight-year prison term shortly after her release from the labor camp. The people responsible for this outrage are personnel from the "610 Office" in the Yuancheng District and from the National Security Department.

Ms. Huang Yuying was first sentenced to two years of forced labor and has now been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Ms. Ye Suqing has a college degree. After being released from two years of forced labor, she was once again taken to a detention center by Guangzhou City police. She suffered brain damage from being beaten and was sent to a mental hospital to undergo forced injections with harmful drugs, which seriously affected her physical health. Now she has been under treatment in a Guangzhou Hospital for over half a year. Her condition does not show any improvement, and she is still in a coma.

Mr. Zeng Liuming is a teacher in Zijin County, Guangdong Province who was sent to the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp to serve a three-year term. Since he refused to be "Reformed" (renounce Falun Dafa) he was detained an additional six months. He has been deprived of the right to work and his family of three cannot maintain a basic standard of living.

Ms. Yuan Qunrui was sent to one year of forced labor the first time he was arrested; then, the second time and without due cause, she was sent to two years of forced labor. Since she refused to compromise with the evildoers and renounce Falun Dafa, her family life was destroyed.

Mr. Wu Guangwei, a former member of the Party Committee's Organization Division, was forced to leave his post after his release from two years of forced labor. He still cannot return to work and has to struggle to survive.

Ms. Deng Shier is now in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, serving two years of forced labor. She was extorted for tens of thousands of yuan.

Ms. Zhang Weixian is now in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp serving two years of forced labor. She had 50,000 yuan extorted from her.

Ms. Zhang Xincai is currently in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp.

In addition, Ms. Huang Xioulian, Ms. Li Caiqin, Ms. Li Xouqin, Ms. Chen Kuihua and Ms. Zhang Qiunong have been sent to the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp for the second time.

The following practitioners' families have been broken up due to the persecution: Ms. Qiu Xiuyi, Ms. Li Qingmei, Ms. Li Caiqin, Ms. Yuan Qunrui and Ms. Zhang Xincai.

October 20, 2004