(Clearwisdom.net) Many fellow practitioners in Beijing are drawing wisdom from past experiences and clarifying the truth to Beijing's people face to face.

Beijing is the political center of China. People in Beijing are sensitive to social issues and are notably active in their participation compared with the rest of the country. When we speak with them, many people listen intently. When we talk to them face to face, we can see a clear response and react accordingly. In this way, we can clarify the truth more solidly and deeply, and the effect is obvious. Moreover, it does not leave any physical "evidence" that could be used for further persecution. As long as we, ourselves, have righteous hearts, and do things naturally, even when we talk directly to police, they will agree with us and condemn the senseless persecution.

Some fellow practitioners work together in pairs and clarify the truth wherever they go. On a bus, they chat like friends. They speak from a third party point of view, clarifying the truth by talking about the persecution their friends and neighbors have suffered, and then proceed to add in other information about the domestic and international situation, topics which the Beijing people can relate to. Quite often, the people in the front rows turn around to listen while the people in the back crane their necks to listen.

Some fellow practitioners were persecuted and had their families torn apart, so they took this as a reason to consult attorneys on the matter. Moreover, every time they visited a different law office, they told the attorneys in detail the incidents that destroyed their families and asked for their support. Additionally, they talked about the persecution they endured in the detention centers and labor camps. When fellow practitioners work together, they usually talk about the persecution others have suffered and their own sympathy for the atrocities that they have seen, as well as the help they have given to other practitioners. Many attorneys' eyes brimmed with tears after they heard the practitioners' words. They acknowledged that the police beating people who have done nothing more than clarify the truth about Falun Gong are violating the law. Approaching those in the legal profession in this manner has been very effective in clarifying the truth.

There are many more examples of the different ways and the effects of clarifying the truth face to face in Beijing. Of course, the practitioners have such far-reaching influence because they have cultivated well. Not everyone can clarify the truth to so many people at once. As long as you meet someone, it is enough that you just clarify the truth to him. Even during a short encounter, it is a chance for practitioners to tell the other person about the persecution and Falun Gong based on the audience's reactions. Many people showed sympathy for the practitioners suffering and outrage towards the persecution.

Of course, what we share with practitioners is just our own experience. Other fellow practitioners also have their own valuable experiences. We can bring about bigger improvements by sharing our insights together.