Better Use of Materials for Truth Clarification (Photos)

October 07, 2004 | By New York practitioners

( Our message conveyed to the public is carried by our truth clarification materials, so it is critical that we safeguard the message, tone and approach used in our materials so they can have the best effect on the audience we are trying to reach, which for the Manhattan effort, are Westerners living and/or working in Manhattan.

We have many English materials for truth clarification that are quite good and are available to those in Manhattan who are passing out the materials on street corners, at torture exhibit sites and other events in New York City.

However, a few of issues have come up that we need to all be aware of because it will greatly influence how effective our truth clarification efforts are:

1) On a few occasions, practitioners from different areas have put in time and effort to produce English materials that were nearly identical to materials already produced by another area, and consequently, we have duplicated our efforts. With everyone so busy, we need to coordinate ourselves better so we don't waste time and resources duplicating efforts.

2) Some materials have been brought to Manhattan for distribution that either contained inappropriate material, tones, or approaches that may not be very effective with Westerners in Manhattan.

3) Some materials have been brought to Manhattan for distribution that contain only local contact numbers from other areas, and no contact information for the New York area.

What makes the issue a little more complicated is that we have many practitioners coming to the New York area who do not speak or read English, so it is difficult for them to determine which materials to use.

Therefore, below we have listed out all the English materials that are available to be used in Manhattan and for each one given a brief explanation as to the message it carries for everyday people so practitioners who are unfamiliar with the materials and/or do not read English can determine which ones to use in different circumstances.

Please do not hand out materials on the streets in Manhattan unless they are included in this document.

Also, please do not print materials in your local area and then bring them to Manhattan. If you would like to help with the printing effort, have your local Falun Dafa Association contact New York's Falun Dafa Association.

If you know of other good English materials that you think would be good for use in Manhattan but are not specified in this document, please share the materials with the New York Falun Dafa Association and we will add them to this document. 

Thank you.

New York Falun Dafa Association

Falun Gong Fliers


These two flyers are the same except for the main photo on the cover. These flyers focus mostly on the practice itself and have been used for a few years at local practice sites around New York. These flyers contain a little information about the persecution, but mostly they promote the practice.



While these two flyers have very different covers, the content inside is very similar. They focus mostly on the persecution, explaining what the persecution is, why/how it started and a little about the propaganda. These flyers also contain some information on the practice of Falun Gong.

Falun Gong Newspapers


This newspaper was made especially for Western New Yorkers. It contains comprehensive information on the main questions everyday people have about Falun Gong, such as details and an overview of the persecution, why/how the persecution started, Jiang's role, the propaganda, lawsuits, how to help, etc.


These are general English newspapers that cover what is Falun Gong, what is the persecution, torture and killings, lawsuits, etc.

NOTE: There are a few newspapers with "Falun Dafa Reader" as the title, but with different covers. They are all fine to use.


This newspaper focuses mostly on the persecution, torture, killings, etc. There is a section in the back that gives a brief overview of the practice.

This newspaper might be good for handing out at torture exhibits.

Falun Gong Magazines/Publications

Lawsuit Around the World Take Aim at Genocide in China

This magazine covers the persecution and related lawsuits very in-depth, with a few personal stories and one article about the practice.

It is expensive and so should only be given to people who express a particular interest to know more or for when we meet with VIPs

Celebrating Ten Years of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance

This magazine covers the history of Falun Gong in China and around the world, with information about the persecution and events around the world.

It is expensive and so should only be given to people who express a particular interest to know more or for when we meet with VIPs.


This magazine documents all the UN reports on Falun Gong, and could be very good when meeting with UN or any kind of government official or concerned organization. Many officials find these reports very credible because they come from the UN.

There is also an insert available which details the locations of NYC practice sites where newcomers can learn the exercises. This, of course, is also appropriate to hand out.

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