Death of Falun Dafa Practitioner Mr. Li Zaiji Leaves His Son and Wife in Dire Circumstances (Photo)

October 23, 2004 | By Dafa practitioner in China

Li Xin is the son of Li Zaiji and Zu Chunrong. He is 21 years old, and currently resides at No.10 building, Qingdao Street Township, Chuanying District, Jilin City, Zip 132012, under the jurisdiction of the Qingdao Police Station of Chuanying District in Jilin City. 86-432-2021537

Li Xin

Li Xin's mother, Zu Chunrong, resides at the same address. She is over 40 and has not been able to find steady employment.

Wedding picture of Li Zaiji and his wife Zu Chunrong

Li Xin's father, Li Zaiji, was killed at the Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp in Jilin City on July 8, 2000, at the age of 43. He lived at the same address and worked in the Isolation Hospital in Jilin City.

On September 5, 1999 Li Zaiji went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was arrested in Miyun County and then detained for 15 days by the Jilin City Detention Center. Later, he was transferred to Shahezi Brainwashing Class in Chuanying District. He was detained for an additional 15 days and then transferred to the No.3 Detention Center of Jilin City. In October 1999 he was illegally sentenced to forced labor for one year and detained in Huanxiling Labor Camp in Jilin City. In July 2000, he was killed at the labor camp.

In 1995 Li Zaiji began practicing Falun Dafa in order to improve his poor health. He retired from his work at Jilin City Isolation Hospital due to an injury suffered on the job. The amazing healing effects of Falun Dafa restored his health, and he firmly stepped onto the path of cultivation.

His home was the first site for Fa study in his area. Usually the number of practitioners studying the Fa at his home was about 50 or 60, sometime up to 100. Falun Dafa practitioners who lived far away also liked to go to his home for Fa study and experience sharing.

Li Zaiji was very kind-hearted. He always helped those in need. All his neighbors and coworkers knew he was a good person.

On July 19, 1999 when he and other practitioners heard the news that Falun Dafa suffered injustice, he and eight other practitioners hired two cars at 2:00am, and drove 1200 kilometers (about 745 miles) to Beijing. They encountered various obstacles on their way, but finally arrived in Beijing to appeal on July 21, 1999, after which they safely returned home

On September 5, 1999, he and Falun Dafa practitioners Cui Zhengshu, Yu Lixin (these two practitioners were also killed) and another practitioner went to Beijing to appeal again. On September 10, 1999 he was arrested in Miyun County of Beijing, detained in Jilin City Detention Center for 15 days, and then transferred to Shahezi Brainwashing Class in Chuanying District. Afterwards, he was once again detained for 15 days, and then held in criminal detention in the No 3 Detention Center of Jilin City. In the detention center, because he was determined in his belief, he suffered various tortures from prisoners, such as being doused with cold water in the winter and having his beard pulled. In October 1999 he was illegally sentenced to forced labor and detained in Huanxiling Labor Camp in Jilin City.

In the No.4 team of Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp, Li Zaiji suffered various tortures from prisoners and physical punishment and brainwashing from police, and he was also forced to do heavy labor. In July 2000, Li Zaiji suffered serious dehydration from dysentery. The labor camp would not provide any treatment, which made his condition worse. The prison doctor whose last name was Li was trained as a veterinarian, and had no human medical background. Seeing Li Zaiji in critical condition, Li instigated several prisoners to drag Li Zaiji to the wash-house and force-feed him with a lot of concentrated salt water. At that time Li Zaiji struggled and everyone in the team heard a flopping sound inside the wash-house. Suddenly the sound stopped. Everyone saw several police officers run into the wash-house. They wrapped Li Zaiji in a blanket and took him away, claiming that he would be sent to the hospital for rescue, when he was actually already dead.

In order to avoid the legal investigation by Li Zaiji's family, Huanxiling Labor Camp of Jilin City made a public announcement that they had relieved the prison doctor Li from his post. This was meant to deceive the public, as Li wasn't relieved from his post at all, but was transferred to another position in the labor camp. After the incident was over, Li was back at his post and was promoted to become the director of the clinic office in the labor camp.

Huanxiling Labor Camp of Jilin City was afraid that the incident would be exposed to the public, so the authorities from the labor camp went to see Li Zaiji's wife Zu Chunrong. By offering a bribe of a 3000-yuan subsidy for Li Zaiji's family, which was in financial difficulties, they gained Zu Churong's signature by telling her that the labor camp was not responsible for Li Zaiji's death.

Huanxiling labor camp coordinated with Jilin City Public Security Bureau to deceive Li Zaiji's family.

On July 7, 2000 Jilin City Public Security Bureau informed Li Zaiji's family to go to the hospital to care for him. Li Zaiji's 17-year-old son first went to Jilin Chinese-Western Combined Hospital. He searched all the rooms for his father but couldn't find him, and finally asked the police: "Where is my father?" The police led the child to a warehouse, where he found his father's body covered in newspaper.

Afterwards, Li Zaiji's mother was led around the hospital. She found that Li Zaiji was dead, with one eye open and another closed. She closed her son's eye with her hand. In the evening, Li Zaiji's wife requested to see his remains, but the public security personnel refused. After she requested again and again, she was finally allowed to see her husband's remains and found that there was still gauze under his eyes.

Li Zaiji's wife made only one request: to permit Falun Gong practitioners to pay their last respects. The public security personnel denied this request, and Li Zaiji's family was put under house arrest.

On July 13, before the cremation, Jilin City Public Security Bureau and many police stations detained some Falun Dafa practitioners for no reason. At 9:00am on Friday, with the tight watch of over two hundred personnel from the labor camp and Public Security Bureau, Li Zaiji's remains were cremated.

After Li Zaiji's death, Zu Chunrong was forced to raise their son alone. She has no regular income, and only earns enough to survive by doing odd jobs as a street cleaner and dishwasher. Li Xin was forced to drop out of school.

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