(Clearwidom.net) According to a report from Taiwan Daily on October 21, the Secretary of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association, Mr. Hung Chi-hung filed a lawsuit against the Deputy Director of Xinhua News Agency, Xu Xi'an--who is visiting Taiwan--for "inciting hatred".

On October 20, Mr. Hung Chi-hung, secretary of Taiwan Falun Dafa Association went to the prosecutor's department of the local court in Kaohsiung to file a complaint against the Deputy Director of Xinhua News Agency, Xu Xi'an and others, who are currently visiting Taiwan. Mr. Hung Chi-hung said that Xinhua News Agency has fabricated a large quantity of false news to defame Falun Gong. Consequently, numerous innocent Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned and persecuted. In addition, Xinhua News Agency has also provided false news to media outlets throughout the world and were reprinted, which has caused many people to misunderstand Falun Gong. This by itself constitutes a very serious crime of "inciting hatred". Mr. Hung Chi-hung stated that overseas Falun Gong practitioners are often treated in an unfriendly manner by local overseas Chinese people--even verbally abused and insulted--because they were influenced by the false reports that Xinhua News Agency has fabricated.

Mr. Hung Chi-hung explained that there were judicial precedents for the crime of "inciting hatred" from international courts in the trial of Nazi war criminals, and it is considered a very serious crime. This reporter asked whether this judicial precedent can be used in Taiwan according to current laws of Taiwan. Mr. Hung Chi-hung answered that there are 153 articles about crimes of "inciting hatred" in the current criminal laws of Taiwan, and therefore the prosecutor has already accepted this case.