Current Situation of the Two Sons of Falun Dafa Practitioner Zang Dianlong, Who Died as a Result of Persecution (Photos)

October 22, 2004 | By a practitioner in Heilongjiang Province

( Zang Dianlong was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. He was persecuted to death in 2002 at the age of 41. Surviving are his two sons, Zang Haoran and Zang Haotong.

Zang Haoran

Zang Haotong

The Two Boys were Expelled from School for Their Determination in Cultivating Dafa

In 2001, both Haoran and Haotong were students at the Fourth Elementary School in Shuangcheng City. In March 2001, under orders from higher officials, all schools in Shuangcheng City launched a campaign in which they asked students to write a composition to expose and criticize Falun Gong. Haoran wrote a composition entitled "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa" to validate Dafa. His school principal and teachers threatened Haoran saying, "If you don't curse Dafa and your Teacher, and stop practicing Falun Gong, we'll expel you from school!" Under pressure, Haoran remained firm. The principal then asked Haoran to transfer to a different school. Haoran refused. The principal then expelled him from school and told the students that Haoran was expelled because he fought with others. As a matter of fact, Haoran had always been a well-behaved student at school. He never fought, nor cursed, others.

Not long after, Haotong was also expelled from school because he refused to give up his cultivation in Dafa. Since then, the two boys have been wandering around together with their parents, until their father Zang Dianlong was persecuted to death, and their mother Xu Youqin was sentenced to prison.

Father Dies and Mother is Jailed

The two boy's father, Zang Dianlong, developed leukemia in 1995 and the doctors claimed there was no cure for his illness. Just as he was in deep despair, Zang Dianlong was very fortunate to obtain Dafa in 1996. Soon, his wife Xu Youqin and their two sons began to practice Dafa as well. On July 25, 1999, Zang Dianlong went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. Thereafter, he suffered various types of persecution. The local "610 Office," police station and his work unit often came to his home to harass him. They often forced him to go to brainwashing classes. At the end of 2000, Zang again went to Beijing to appeal. He was arrested and sent to Shuangcheng City's liaison office in Beijing. Zang managed to escape. Afterwards, he left home to avoid further persecution.

On April 19, 2002, the Shuangcheng City authorities launched a mass arrest of practitioners. Over 700 anti-riot police officers were dispatched to Shuangcheng from Harbin City. Zang Dianlong, his wife Xu Youqin, and another practitioner, Tie Junying, were on the "wanted" list. Thirty-thousand yuan were offered for the arrest of Xu Youqin, 20,000 yuan for Zang Dianlong, and 20,000 yuan for Tie Junying. The authorities also spread rumors on TV saying that these three practitioners were criminals at large.

In order to arrest Zang Dianlong and his wife, the police went to their relatives' homes to look for them. The police ransacked Zang Dianlong's elder brother's home, turning the home upside down. They even took away the blank cassette tapes. Zang's younger sister, younger brother Zang Dianguo and his wife were all arrested. Zang Dianguo was sent to Changlinzi Labor Camp in Harbin City, and his sister was sent to another labor camp. During that time martial law was enforced across a large area of Shuangcheng City. The police were stationed everywhere along streets and in the alleys. Zang Dianlong and his wife had already sent their two sons to Acheng City before the mass arrest. The couple was besieged in Shuangcheng for over a month. Later, fellow practitioners gave them two bikes. With their firm belief in Dafa and Teacher, the couple rode these bikes and got out of Shuangcheng.

The authorities didn't want to admit failure. Police in Harbin, Shuangcheng and Acheng colluded with each other and shared information on how to arrest the couple. Later, they found out that Zang Dianlong was in Acheng with their sons. On the afternoon of July 8, 2002, the police surrounded a residential area in Shuangcheng, where Zang and his two sons temporarily resided. They dispatched over 10 police cars, dozens of police officers, an ambulance and a fire truck. They also had camcorders set up to tape anything that could, perhaps, be used by the evil to slander Dafa. Then, the police went to the sixth floor and pounded on the door of the couple's residence. Zang Dianlong told his sons, "Son, the police are here. Your dad is determined to validate Dafa and will never cooperate with the evil."

Then, Zang Dianlong walked to the window and talked to the police downstairs, "None of you should come up, otherwise I will jump out of the window." The police hypocritically advised him not to do that. While the police tried to talk him into coming out, Zang Dianlong took the chance to clarify the truth to the crowd gathered downstairs. He told them how Dafa teaches people to be good people, how Dafa is being widely spread all over the world, how his leukemia was cured, and how his children were expelled from school, etc. He kept talking for over three hours. Then, he tossed fliers to the several hundred people who had gathered downstairs.

Zang Dianlong then called his fellow practitioners telling them not to come over there. After the phone call, he put the calling card in his mouth and chewed it into pieces. By this time, the police had climbed up to the sixth floor with a scaling ladder. The two boys yelled, "Dad, the police are coming!" Then they shouted, "Falun Dafa is good." The boys blocked the window, not letting the police come in. The police asked the authorities downstairs what they should do. The leaders said viciously, "Kick the children out of the way!" In order to avoid more torture, Zang Dianlong jumped out of the window from the sixth floor. Unfortunately, he died on the spot. The police went into the room and pointed their guns at the boys, "Don't move! Otherwise we'll shoot you!" The police grabbed Haoran first and handcuffed him. Haorong rushed to the window, but was taken back and slapped on the face. The police tore Haoran's shorts into pieces and took away the 2,000 yuan hidden in them.

The police didn't invite Zang Dianlong's family to come identify his body until more than one month after his death. On August 9, 2002, his body was cremated. The police asked his family to sign the death certificate which said "Zang's death was an accident and had nothing to do with the police." His family refused. The police then intimidated his family, "Don't say Zang Dianlong died because of us. He jumped even before we went there. Don't tell Falun Gong practitioners about his death!"

Zang Dianlong's wife, Xu Youqin, is 37 years old. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison and is now being held in the First Women's Prison in Heilongjiang Province. The authorities there have forbidden her family to visit her. Two years later, on September 13, 2004, her mother-in-law was finally able to see her. Xu Youqin was very thin because of the persecution. She was also on a hunger strike. Her family was only allowed to bring her some fruit (nothing else was allowed). Her family left her 100 yuan, but the prison guards immediately took away 30 yuan.

High Resolution Picture

Zang Dianlong, wife Xu Youqin, and two sons

The Two Sons were Interrogated by the Police

At the time of their father's death, Haoran was 14 and Haotong was 12. Later that day, on July 8, 2002, the boys were taken to Harbin City. Both of them were handcuffed. An official asked the police to interrogate them separately. The police asked Haoran to cross his legs on top of each other and did not allow him to sleep for the whole night. He was not allowed to put down his legs either.

During the interrogation, the police asked the boys whether they had been in contact with their parents and where the Dafa truth-clarification material site was. The police also showed them pictures of some practitioners and asked them to identify them. The boys refused and were thus beaten. But no matter how the police abused them, the boys said nothing. Before Zang Dianlong jumped out of the window, he told his sons, "Don't say anything if the police ask you. No matter how they beat you, you still should be determined. You may give up your schoolwork, but you can never give up Dafa. You should spread the Fa just like your parents were still with you." The sons answered, "Dad, please be assured. We will do well."

After being detained in Harbin City for one month, the two boys were sent to Wanjia Labor Camp where they were held for another month. They were not released until they developed scabies all over their bodies.

At present, 16-year-old Haoran lives with his grandmother, and 14-year-old Haotong lives with his elder uncle Zang Dianchao.

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