To the United Nations Human Rights Organization, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG), various charity organizations around the world, and to the International Red Cross:

My name is Wei Jianyu, 39 years old, from Zhaowu City, Fujian Province, China. I graduated from Tianjin University in 1986 and was a lecturer at Fujian Engineering Institute before I was unlawfully arrested for my practice of Falun Gong. I did not do anything against the law. Nevertheless, because I practiced Falun Gong and persisted in believing in the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," I have been persecuted.

Ever since July 20, 1999, when Falun Gong was first banned in China, I have been subjected to all kinds of persecution, such as illegal detention, home searches and a prison sentence. I hereby appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Organization, to all charity organizations around the world, and to all other human rights organizations, and I call on all people around the world to learn the truth of Falun Gong and help stop the Jiang regime from further persecuting Falun Gong. Following are detailed accounts of what happened to me.

On October 26, 1999, police took me away while I was practicing the Falun Gong exercises at June First Park in Fuzhou City. I was sent to a detention center and held there for 15 days, charged with "disturbing social order."

Afterwards, leaders from the school where I was working refused to let me teach my classes. Because of this unfair treatment, I went to the Beijing Appeals Office in December 1999 to petition for justice but was sent back under police escort. I was subsequently incarcerated in the No.1 Detention Center for one month. Later I was under strict surveillance by the school.

On April 19, 2000, police abducted me suddenly at work. They also searched my home. Since my petition to the state appeals office had brought me retaliation and not justice, I had decided to appeal to the United Nation Human Rights Organization. Police found a letter entitled "Open Letter to the United Nation Human Rights Organization" at my home. The letter bore the signatures of several practitioners. Because of this, I was sentenced to four years in prison. I served those four years and was released on April 18, 2004.

After I was released and returned home, the local police did not allow me to talk to others about Falun Gong and ordered me to inform them if I was going away to look for a job. I was innocent but had to serve four years in prison. Back in society, I still have no freedom of speech or movement like a normal person. The shadow of being arrested or my home being searched still hangs over me, which takes away my feeling of security. As a matter of fact, during the five years that have passed since July 20, 1999, countless practitioners, just like me, have been arrested, humiliated, beaten, sent to labor camps or prisons, have died as a result of torture, or have been murdered outright.

I love life and hoped to have a happy family, but, afraid of "guilt by association," my husband divorced me. I worked very diligently at school, but the school fired me for practicing Falun Gong. I value family relationships, but some of my relatives shun me for fear of being implicated. When my older brother saw that I was being persecuted and had nothing left, he disavowed our relationship and refused to acknowledge me. I had to return to my hometown and live with my 70-year-old mother, who was also a Falun Gong practitioner.

My circumstances bitterly disappointed my relatives and other kind people living under such terrorism. It would be a disaster to any country and her people that good people have to suffer such insane persecution. This persecution distorts and destroys human nature, swallows human conscience, and eventually pushes human beings to the brink of sanity.

Is it wrong for us who are responsible to society to report the true facts to the government departments concerned? Protecting human rights and upholding justice is not against the law but an act to protect the constitution and law. I realize the injustice to Falun Gong practitioners is not just an individual issue. Everyone with a human conscience has the responsibility to be concerned with Falun Gong and to help clarify the truth, because it affects all of humanity's moral standards. There is no national boundary to suppressing evil and promoting kindness. I feel, therefore, that I have a responsibility to appeal our cases of injustice to all related organizations in the world and to sue Jiang's regime for their unimaginable crimes.

To date, countless practitioners are still being detained and are suffering inhuman tortures. The lies and false accusations perpetrated by the Chinese media during the past five years have poisoned and deceived so many Chinese people, who, as a result of this deception, now hate Falun Gong. Therefore it is extremely urgent to let people know the truth of Falun Gong, to clear away the poisonous lies and to save innocent lives from destruction. I urgently call for help from the whole world.

The following are my experiences during the past several years.

1. A righteous Fa is widely accepted and respected

No matter where I am, in prison or in ordinary society, I have always followed the principles of not fighting back when being beaten, not talking back when being sworn at, and treating people with kindness. I firmly believe that good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil, and have earned the respect of all inmates and people around me. This principle resonates with people's kind nature. Our righteous dignity gained through cultivating a righteous Fa has won the respect of human hearts.

2. Suffering from cruel force-feeding

I protested the injustice at the detention center through a hunger strike. This was the only choice I had left after losing the freedom of speech and was locked up. I lost virtually all basic human rights. Even under such circumstances, I still tried my best to endure the hardships to maintain my own normal life while not affecting others negatively. It was not to be.

After several days of hunger strike, while my health was still normal, I was sent to the inmate hospital (Jianxin Hospital) and was forced to accept an intravenous infusion and the torture of force-feeding. A tube inserted through my nose would be left in my body for a week before exchanging it for a new one. The extreme pain made it impossible for me to sleep for days. The infusion would start in the morning and end in the evening, but I endured it all with a calm mind. Later, the nurses used the thickest tubes during force-feeding to torture me even further.

3. A Rocky Journey

After suffering four months of force-feeding, I was sent to Fujian Provincial Women's Prison in July 2001 and detained in the division reserved for people who had committed "Premeditated Murder." I continued to protest with a hunger strike. Led by Division Head Ding Xiaoqing, six or seven inmates, who were members of the activist committee, pushed me down to the ground and pried my mouth open with stainless steel spoons. Some inmates would chew the food in their mouths into pieces and then force the pieces into my mouth. Certain inmates would hold my head and pinch my nose shut while others held my legs and arms. I was tortured until I was unable to breathe. The food would be pushed down through my throat into my esophagus, which hurt very much. They also kept verbally abusing me. After several days of being force-fed like this, my teeth became loose and painful. I had to stop the hunger strike.

Then they began to brainwash me. The prison guard did not allow me to sleep and forced me to stand still day and night. They connected the brainwashing with the inmates' personal interests, such as a reduction in term or release home. This scheme encouraged the inmates to verbally abuse Falun Gong and to unmercifully torture me. Under Ding Xiaoqing's instigation, the inmates also began to beat me.

In order to reduce the inmates' involvement and to give them time to understand Falun Gong, I accepted "reformation" against my will. My temporary "reformation" had an extremely bad impact in society, which was irresponsible on my part. In fact, I was not genuinely compassionate, either. When the inmates were deceived by the lies and misunderstood the practitioners, I did not keep righteous thoughts to clarify the truth and clear up their misconceptions. I did not abide by "Tolerance," either, because I did not persist in the Truth, but chimed in with the wrong thoughts, against the facts.

My "reformation" was certainly not in line with the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." I felt I had strayed further and further away from my conscience. My health became worse and worse. I felt I had lost myself through my "reformation."

4. Finding my true self

I examined myself, "How can I let people know the truth when through my behavior I gave up the truth? The truth is holy and untarnished!" I corrected my errors in accepting the "reformation" and found my true self again.

In August 2002, I started a hunger strike again to erase my stain. Division Head Ding Xiaoqing ordered the inmates to force-feed me and forced me to stand straight for long periods of time as punishment. I was forced to stand 20 hours a day, from 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., standing with both feet on the ground and not against a wall. The inmates on duty would closely watch me. I suffered beatings and verbal abuse from the inmates as well. Several days later, my legs became swollen and the bottoms of my feet were very painful. I endured all this with a calm mind. Two weeks later the swelling in my legs disappeared miraculously and the pain on the bottom of my feet disappeared as well. I realized my righteous thoughts had defeated the evil.

During the daytime, I was not allowed to talk to anyone about Falun Gong and the "personal cangues" followed me closely everywhere, even when I went to the toilet. At night, in order to keep me from meditating in bed, they arranged for two inmates to take turns watching me throughout the night. One inmate thought it was wrong to do so, so she told Ding Xiaoqing that she did not want to watch me during the night any more. Because of this, Ding Xiaoqing shocked her with an electric baton. Surprisingly, after the shock, the pain she used to have in her right arm disappeared. She was rewarded with good for her righteous thought and just action.

For a long time, I was isolated by the "personal cangues" and was often forced to stand for long periods of time and suffered frequent fiendish beatings from the most vicious convicted murderer, named Lin Biying.

5. Again subjected to persecution

In August 2003, I started another hunger strike, which lasted on and off over three weeks. I still worked every day like all the others. Division head Tang, though, ordered inmates to force-feed me. One month later, the inmates started to use the most ruthless method to force me to eat. I again had to end the hunger strike. Then I started vomiting. I would throw up everything I ate. Five or six days later I began to vomit phlegm and blood, which lasted nearly one week. I became skinny and exhausted. On November 10, 2003, I lost consciousness.

On November 11, after failing to rouse me, the authorities decided to send me to Jianxin Hospital. At 11:00 p.m. a hospital staff member announced that I was near death. My younger sister in Fuzhou City was notified to prepare my funeral. Early the following morning, November 12, I woke up on my own and saw that I lay in a hospital bed. Although I didn't know how I got to the hospital, I felt my body and my mind to be extremely relaxed, peaceful and in harmony. I did not have any symptom of tiredness as I had before. The inmates who took care of me told me what had happened to me over the previous few days.

Although I had held several hunger strikes and for long periods of time, the hospital didn't find any physical problems except that the potassium level in my electrolytes was a bit lower than normal. I only spent nine days in the hospital. Later, my health became better and better day by day.

Around April 13, 2004, just before the end of my prison term, people from the provincial "610 Office" started to brainwash me again. I was stretched out like a cross and handcuffed in front of a window. If I didn't acknowledge my guilt, I would not be allowed to use the restroom. Even after three days and nights of this torture, I didn't feel tired or uncomfortable.

6. In conclusion

Since July 20, 1999, I have endured four years in prison and have experienced life and near death. I feel even more urgently that we must call for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, because such evil acts toward good people cause the perpetrators to go toward their own destruction and throw the whole of society into a state of terror. How many practitioners have been beaten to death or wounded? Jiang Zemin and his followers have committed such heinous crimes against heaven's principle by implementing autocratic policies to callously persecute Falun Gong. We must bring Jiang Zemin to justice before the world based on the following charges:

A. Ignoring the law; using his position to spread lies and false accusations; poisoning the minds of common people

Jiang Zemin first falsely characterized Falun Gong when he had an interview with foreign reporters on October 25, 1999. Although he knew that Falun Gong practitioners were kind people, yet for self-serving reasons he overrode the law and incriminated Falun Gong; he controlled the state machinery and all media, compelling them to spread lies and frame Teacher Li Hongzhi. With no concern for people's consciences and applying pressure at all levels, he has forced everyone in the entire nation, even elementary pupils, to accept deception and lies. The minds of the Chinese people are profoundly poisoned.

B. Brutal torture and savage genocide

Falun Gong practitioners have been deprived of their basic human rights through illegal detention; forced labor camp or prison incarceration; barbaric torture; being treated as if their lives have no value; being the target of a genocidal policy.

C. Incriminating Falun Gong and creating terrorism in society

Jiang is guilty of repeatedly broadcasting fabricated stories about Falun Gong such as murder, suicide and self-immolation to deceive the world. Using devious methods such as "guilt by association," many practitioners were forced into exile to avoid further persecution, destroying many happy families. These policies have fostered terrorism in society.

D. Defying Heaven and reason to incriminate good people

Jiang mobilized the entire society, with huge costs in money, manpower, and other resources, simply to frame and kill good people. This has disturbed the whole social order.

Jiang Zemin has committed innumerable crimes. Let's act together globally to bring Jiang to justice. The mighty powers of Falun Dafa are awakening all people with conscience. Facts are more powerful than words. Kind-hearted people, let us together raise our voice of justice: Life needs "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." Falun Dafa belongs to the whole world!

Wei Jianyu