Facts of the Persecution

1) At Harbin Forced Labor Camp for Drug Addicts in Heilongjiang Province, Policeman Li Quanming went out of his way to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Policeman Liu Zhujie followed suit. They did not let other policemen know of the atrocities they committed towards Dafa practitioners. Policeman Dong Shaoxing treated Dafa practitioners brutally, slapping them on their faces and dragging them down staircases. Policeman Wang Haiying spread slander and libel about Falun Dafa in order to get promoted. Policeman Deng Yuelu deliberately made things difficult for Dafa practitioners. Policeman Shi Shuai slandered Dafa. Policeman Niu Xiaoyun played a key role in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Policeman Wang Limei orchestrated the "transformation campaign" to force Dafa practitioners to abandon their belief in Dafa, and policeman He Qiuyjiang brutally beat Dafa practitioners. All these policemen are receiving karmic retribution for their evildoings.

2) Falun Dafa practitioner Deng Hui, from Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, was illegally sentenced to two years of imprisonment for reading Zhuan Falun when he was working in Kunming City, Yunnan Province. His wife, Wei Jixian, was also sentenced to one-year of imprisonment because of his arrest. After serving his sentence in the Yunnan Province Second Forced Labor Camp, Deng Hui's sentence was illegally extended for another eight months, to April 2004. After his release, he was forced by the Jianshui County "610 Office" to go back to his hometown, Zutangzi Village in Cha Ke Township, Jianshui County, to do farm work under surveillance. In July 2004, Deng Hui gave the Party Committee Secretary of the township a truth-clarifying VCD. He was reported and the County "610 Office" and the Police Department Political Security Section abduct him, and took him to the county brainwashing center. Deng Hui refused to give in, and was released in three days. On September 17, the county "610 Office" abducted Deng Hui again, and this time, they sent him directly to the Yunnan Second Labor Camp located in Dapingba Township in Lufeng County, Yunnan Province, for two years of forced labor.

3) There have been quite a few cases of severe persecution and harassment of Falun Dafa practitioners in Jingzhou City, Yi County, Liaoning Province since September 2004. The head of the Yi County Police Department, Yang Lidong, intensified the persecution of Dafa practitioners. He ordered searches of practitioners' homes and the abduction of practitioners. From the night of August 26 through the night of September 25, in Chengguan Township of Yi County, several Dafa practitioners' homes were searched. During the search of her home, practitioner Jiang Yanling left using her righteous thoughts. Several practitioners were abducted. They are: Wang Furei, He Chengshu, Liu Yanmig, Jiang Yanli, Liang Chengdong, Li Hongman, Lin Chunzhi, Guo Guixiang, Wu Fengyan, Huang Xiaojuan, her daughter, and her father, who was visiting her at the time.

4) A few details of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners conducted by policemen and thugs in Panjin Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province are available. The director of the Management and Supervision Division, Tang Xiaoqiang, claimed that he needed to improve management. He employed thugs as guards and instigated them to monitor and torture Dafa practitioners. Several notorious thugs are: Liu Hailong, Wu Chenzhi, and Cao Bing.

5) Authorities in Xinhua Forced Labor Camp, Sichuan Province, instigated criminal inmates to torture Falun Dafa practitioners, and several practitioners were tortured to death. Several others were persecuted to a point of mental collapse. Criminal inmate Zhao Taiguo used to be a thief, and had been sentenced to forced labor several times. In 2001, he was sentenced to two years of forced labor for aggravated burglary. He was released in 2002 before his sentence expiration, in return for brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners. In 2003, he was again sentenced to forced labor for aggravated burglary. In order to avoid labor work, under the policemen's instigation, he unscrupulously persecuted Dafa practitioners using all kinds of physical tortures, such as depriving them of sleep and the use of restrooms, forcing them to stand still in a military posture for a long period of time, hurling insults, and beating them. The intention was to use physical torture to force practitioners to give up their belief (so-called "transformation"). In the Second Team of Division Six, Zhao Taiguo's loud insults towards Dafa practitioners are heard everyday.