(Clearwisdom.net) One morning in September 2004, during a group exercise drill in the forced labor camp, Falun Dafa practitioner Gao Changze (a 56-year old farmer from Huairou, Beijing) from the third division said: "Falun Dafa is Good, Falun Dafa is the Righteous Way" to police officer Liu Xincheng, captain of the third division, in front of all the other division heads and Falun Dafa practitioners.

After he uttered those words, the police officer, angry with embarrassment, immediately assembled a meeting to "criticize" and carry out severe judgment of Gao Changze, and he was reported to the upper command. Later, in the forced labor camp's large exercise field, with all camp personnel participating, they "dealt with him publicly" in an effort to forewarn and dissuade the other detainees.

It brought back memories from six months prior, when on Chinese New Year's Day (January 22, 2004) Falun Dafa practitioner Peng Guangjun, who is also from Huairou, Beijing, shouted loudly "Falun Dafa is Good" during the flag raising ceremony. They promptly covered his mouth and took him away. Four days later, he died from severe beatings and electric shocks.

Combat-clad police holding electric batons dragged handcuffed Falun Dafa practitioner Gao Changze to the podium and declared that his imprisonment would be extended for three additional months. They ordered him to publicly apologize for his crime, but instead Gao Changze turned around with head held high, and facing the entire forced labor camp's personnel and police, loudly declared: "Falun Dafa is Good, It is the Righteous Way." His voice pierced through the sky, frightening the evil.

The righteous thoughts and righteous actions of Falun Dafa practitioner Gao Changze scared and confused the police. Uncertain what to do, they froze for a while before they covered his mouth, grabbed his neck and arms, and carried him off the podium.

Concerned people worried that the same tragedy that happened to Peng Guangjun would happen to him. But the immoral police were extremely frightened, and they were unable to further persecute Gao Changze. They merely took him back to the third division and the embarrassment was quickly covered up amid the nervous laughter.