(Clearwisdom.net) On September 13, 2004, an extremely firm and determined disciple in our area left jail with dignity after four years of imprisonment. "X.H." then joined the Fa-rectification efforts to offer salvation to all sentient beings. He asked to be rehired at his old job so that he could clarify the truth to all the city and judicial departments on a large scale. X.H.'s efforts have also inspired other practitioners to cultivate themselves and clarify the truth more diligently, and enabled many everyday people to learn the truth of the brutal crimes committed by Jiang Zemin's regime in persecuting and torturing Falun Gong practitioners.

The director of the local "610 Office" got quite upset over this. Embarrassed and indignant, he abducted X.H. again. Beginning with his arrest, X.H. clarified the truth at every opportunity, from the people on buses to students, from police and criminals in the township police station to city detention centers. Whoever met him soon found out how he got the scars on his body, and everyone knew that he was once an extremely good leader and responsible government employee.

He went on a hunger strike in the jail and continued to tell the facts to the people there. His efforts to clarify the truth effectively restrained and frightened his intended tormentors. Many police were also very sympathetic to his suffering, and they attributed the crimes to the director of the local "610 Office." But this director did not plan to release X.H. and still wanted him to be jailed for a full 15 days. Around that time, X.H.'s relative (a practitioner) found me and asked me not to publicize this matter in order to avoid leading the police to further torture X.H. When she saw that I did not agree, she said that it was not just her personal opinion but also a group decision. She saw that I still did not consent to her request, so she said that it was X.H.'s personal decision. I was very concerned when I saw that she had a very serious attachment to fear and was being affected by human sentimentality.

I told her that we had to act according to the principles of Dafa. Teacher said, "It is the evils that are afraid of letting people become aware of the truth." ("Suggestion" in Essentials for Further Advancement II) Why did we have to fear the evil during the time of his critical rescue? Could we count on human sentimentality to solve these fundamental problems? But she could not accept my words at that time. I was also very anxious and did not have enough patience then, causing an unhappy parting. Afterwards I calmly recollected Teacher's words. His matter is my matter. How could I be aloof and indifferent? Moreover, now was the greatest opportunity to distribute flyers to the local people to expose the evil locally. I said to myself, "Today, I will not listen to anyone else. I will only listen to Teacher's words. Even if X.H. would really like me to hold back on the rescue efforts for a little longer, I should not be affected and comply with the mentality of everyday people to defer the rescue." That same day, I wrote several articles. One of the articles was sent to the Clearwisdom website to ask the editors to be aware of the overall situation and to control the publication of articles related to this rescue plan. At the same time, I was pondering how to proceed with the rescue and how to urge other practitioners to do their very best to persuade and convince X.H.'s relative, since rescuing the life of a person is of the highest urgency.

Very quickly, other practitioners told me that X.H.'s relative also agreed, and she said that if the local "610 Office" did not release X.H., she and her elderly mother would hang truth clarification signs together in front to the entrance of the municipal party committee. It is truly a reflection of "the shade of willows, the blooms of flowers, a place to rest my head"! (Zhuan Falun)

Originally the director of the local "610 Office" agreed to free X.H. by Monday, but he had to free this Dafa practitioner on Saturday evening, after about 2,000 flyers were distributed that very night.

I then truly realized that, on the course of Fa-rectification, we could clarify the truth like everyday people, considering this or that to make the plan look thorough. When it comes time to actually execute the plan, however, it might not necessarily be the same. If we do not carry any mentality of everyday people, if we search for our own attachments by comparing our thoughts against the Fa, if we search for attachments in the whole body and just follow the Fa that Teacher taught us, nothing can fail.

When X.H. was released, we discussed and shared experiences immediately. He told me that when he saw his relative on the first day, he told her, "Expose the crime as quickly as possible!" His relative misunderstood his words and thereby caused the incidents described in the article above. He also told me, "Although I was detained for seven days for a simple misdemeanor, I acted according to the principles of the Fa and made the best use of the time to do truth-clarification on an even wider scale, and I felt like I made a much faster advancement in Fa-rectification cultivation." I told him that I could only make sober and clear-minded choices at critical times. Cultivation in Dafa does not have any exemplary model to follow and every practitioner has to walk his or her own individual path to validate Dafa. During this incident, I also recognized many indecent mentalities of everyday people and degenerate notions in myself. I would like to thank our benevolent and magnificent Teacher, who is watching over us all the time.

September 29, 2004