(Clearwisdom.net) An inmate in the No. 9 Brigade of Shayang Forced Labor Camp, Hubei Province brutally beat Ms. Zhang Jingqiong, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Honghu. The severe beating caused Ms. Zhang to pass out in the field, apparently due to excessive bleeding from a ruptured ovary.

Ms. Zhang, whose home had been ransacked and whose personal savings had been looted by members of the Honghu National Security Brigade, was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp for one and a half years on March 3, 2004 by police officer Zuo Yehong.

As soon as Ms. Zhang was taken away, her 12-year-old twin daughters, Weng Mengyun and Weng Menghua, went to appeal to the mayor to let their mother come home with them because she has a serious heart problem (Ms. Zhang had been imprisoned four times between 1999 and 2004 and her health condition deteriorated as a result). But instead of support and understanding, what the two girls received was mockery and insults. They live with their 80-year-old grandmother now and are forced work part-time to cover their living expenses. However, the girls excel in school, especially in writing. They won an award in the National Olympic Competition in 2003, and the next year, they won First Prize in the local competition in Jingzhou City. These children are suffering, waiting every day for their mother to come home.

Six months later, the twins heard that their mother was dying. The police from Shayang Forced Labor Camp lied to the family, saying that Ms. Zhang had a gynecological problem. They said that she had 200-300 CC of extravagated blood in her ovary and that she needed to be operated on, or else she would die.

When Ms. Zhang's sister saw her, she begged the authorities to let her come home so that she could be properly treated. A police officer named Fang said, "No way. If she does not cooperate with us [and renounce Falun Gong], we will proceed with the operation anyway." Another police officer said, "If she does not give up her practice, and does not follow the rules, even though she dies, it is not against the law. This is now the law in China."

These followers of Jiang's faction totally disregard the law and the Constitution of China. In the current climate, then can beat up Zhang Jingqiong like this today, they can kill this mother of two, and then label it as suicide.

Kind-hearted people, please help this family. Your kindness can help ensure a good future for yourself.

Relevant phone numbers:

No. 9 Brigade, Shayang Forced Labor Camp: 86-0724-4066330

Head of the No. 9 Brigade, Gong Shanxiu: 86-0724-139784312
Associate Head the No. 9 Brigade, Ou'yang Daixia,
Associate Head of the No. 9 Brigade, Chen Yu: 86-0724-13986961030
Group Head Rao Yazhen: 86-0724-13177141476
Group Head Zhang Jihong
Group Head Gao Ziyan
Group Head Sun Hong: 86-0724-13597918823, 86-0724-4066553
Doctor Liu Haiyan
Doctor Liu Qiuhong: 86-0724-4066355 (Home)
Team leader Cai Zhengying: 86-0724-4066382 (Home)

Several other police officers from the male brigade: Zhang Wei, Jia xx , Hu xx, "Big Guy" (nickname; everybody knows him)