(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners have human notions on their path of cultivation. Some practitioners are diligent in overcoming their tribulations quickly and solidly, while others struggle to pass a test, making it even more difficult to overcome the next one. Some practitioners lack courage to get up after they have fallen. The latter two types of practitioners are being irresponsible towards themselves, towards sentient beings and even worse, they are disappointing Teacher's compassionate salvation.

I began practicing Falun Dafa in March of 1998. When the persecution first began in July 1999, I stumbled several times in cultivation because of holding onto human notions. Through the help of fellow practitioners, I finally made up my mind last spring to truly practice Falun Dafa. At first, I was afraid I could not catch up with the other practitioners. However, by continuously studying the Fa (1), I gradually felt that I was back in the Fa again. I know that Teacher once again scooped me up out of "Hell," and I barely escaped from falling back down the same deviant path of my past.

Just when I was determined to get back to the practice of Dafa, Practitioner C, who used to encourage me when I had stopped practicing, was shaken by the attachment to wealth and became muddle-headed. He only thought about how to get rich and slowed down in Fa study. He rarely shared his experiences with other practitioners and was reluctant to read articles from the Minghui website (The Chinese version of Clearwisdom).

A few days ago, I delivered the Minghui Weekly and one of Teacher's lectures, "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Washington DC Fa Conference" to Practitioner C. After he read the Minghui Weekly, he overreacted and said, "Ah, then we should just learn the Fa at home, why go out to post banners and posters and deliver flyers?! Isn't this participating in politics? I don't want to practice anymore." I quickly sent forth righteous thoughts to clean out the evil factors behind him. However, I wasn't very calm at that time. Gradually my friend calmed down, but he still wanted to stop practicing. I was afraid that I would make the situation worse by saying too much (which I later realized was the attachment of fear and of not firmly believing in the Fa), so I didn't say much. Before I left, I left him Teacher's lecture and took the Minghui Weekly back. I thought that that was the end of his practice. I didn't think Teacher would still guide him.

A few days later, I ran into Practitioner C. He told me that after I left, he felt terrible like he just finished a battle and then fell asleep. In his dream, he was operating a tractor and was going up a hill. I was behind the tractor, saying, "Move forward, move forward." He answered, "It's fine, I am switching to reverse gear." Then all of a sudden we both fell into a deep ditch. He woke up after that. He told me he realized it was Teacher trying to enlighten him and said, "I probably would not practice anymore if I hadn't had this dream. Now I have to continue practicing." While he shared this experience, we both had tears in our eyes. Our magnificent and compassionate Teacher did not leave behind any practitioner!

Through this incident, I enlightened to the understanding that our compassionate Teacher does not want to leave any practitioner behind, even those who are not doing well. Teacher is still guiding them and giving them hints with compassion and providing them with constant opportunities to improve. I encourage practitioners who are doing well in their cultivation to help out those who have a lot of attachments and who are not diligent. As the Fa-rectification progresses into the final stage, all practitioners are Teacher's students and we form one body. At the same time that we clarify the truth to people, we can't forget about those practitioners who fall behind.

I also hope that practitioners who are not doing so well in cultivation will take hold of this never-before opportunity to practice and cherish what they have waited for for thousands of years. For themselves, sentient beings, Fa-rectification, and the grace of Teacher's compassionate salvation, try to be diligent and catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification!

In the end, let's review part of "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference," and progress solidly together:

"... I want to save each person. As long as someone has learned the Fa, I want to save him, I don't want to abandon those people. (Applause) When you Dafa disciples develop even stronger righteous thoughts among you that will be what's most magnificent. Starting from each person, let's truly make our environment a very righteous one, and then all the unrighteous factors will dissolve, and all the students who haven't conducted themselves well will see where they fall short, and it will make them do better."

  1. Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.