There used to be sixty to seventy Falun Gong practitioners at the former practice site in the Shangyuan residential area of Dadong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The majority of them were middle-aged and the elderly, and most of them once suffered from multiple illnesses. Many practitioners had personally experienced the effects of Falun Gong's healing and fitness. They recovered and saved huge medical expenses for their work units and families. After July 20, 1999, most practitioners were coerced by the local police and the Shangyuan community into writing a statement affirming that they would no longer practice. Many then had attacks of their old illnesses. Some were hospitalized and some died of their illnesses.

Case Histories from the Shangyuan Residential Area

1.) Mr. Wang was about 50 years old and lived on the sixth floor of Entrance 4, Shangyuan Building 29. He worked in personnel at the Automobile Acoustics Factory of Hunnan Developing Area. He was addicted to tobacco and alcohol, and suffered from illnesses such as hepatitis, chronic tracheitis, etc., and his face was usually very sallow. His wife advised him to practice Falun Gong. Shortly after he began to practice Falun Gong, he gave up tobacco, his health was restored, and he looked like a young man. His face also returned to normal. The whole family was very happy. In order to help practitioners study the Fa and practice, he connected the power supply from his home to the practice site and provided his own recorder. Also, he often taught new practitioners the exercises and assisted them in studying the Fa. After the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, local police station officials as well as his own community officials threatened him with the loss of his job and party membership, and they confiscated his Falun Dafa books. Under all kinds of pressure and coercion, he wrote a statement promising not to practice and handed in his books. After that, Mr. Wang's health declined rapidly. Before long, he had an attack of an old illness. Where he had once regained the health of a young man, he then began to suffer from liver disease with ascites and then liver cancer. To treat his diseases, his wife spent all their money, sold the only two rooms they had, and moved to their relative's home for temporary lodging. Mr. Wang passed away shortly after, and his wife passed away, as well.

2.) Mr. Hu was about 70 years old and carried the recorder for the practice site. He was retired from the Boiler Factory and lived on the sixth floor of Building 16. Before he practiced Falun Gong, he suffered from coronary disease and had a stroke. After he began to practice, he quickly recovered. After he started to practice Falun Dafa, he tried to be a good person by helping others and lived his life according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. At 5AM every day, he brought the recorder to the practice site. He often cleaned the site and was very happy every day. He was bald before, but then a layer of black hair appeared on his head. His face glowed with health, and he did not look at all like a person who was 70 years old. After July 20, 1999, the local police station, the sub-district office and his community officials used the removal of his party membership to coerce him into writing a statement promising not to practice and to hand in his Dafa books. They often went to his home to harass him. Mr. Hu wrote the statement and handed in the books. After that, he became ill. His old illnesses returned, and new illnesses appeared. He spent all of his and his children's money to treat his illnesses, but to no avail. Before long, Mr. Hu passed away.

3.) Lao Zhang was the former head of the Pushbutton Technology Section in the High Voltage Switch Factory. After retiring, he suffered from illnesses such as stroke, encephalatrophy, etc. Every year, he spent tens of thousands of yuan on medical expenses. After practicing Falun Gong, he was able to recover from his illnesses. He had not spent one single cent on medical bills in five years. His wife said he had been disabled before he took up the practice, and he had good health after. He also participated in the public security patrol in the residential area. Mr. Zhang's white hair became black again and was in good humor everyday. Others said that Lao Zhang seemed to become another person and it was so good to practice Falun Gong. After July 20 1999, however, his work unit, the local police station, the sub-district office, and his community officials often went to his home to harass him because he was a party member and cadre. They coerced him into writing the statement not to practice and handing in his Dafa books. After he stopped practicing, Mr. Zhang had bouts of his old illnesses and a dull look in his eyes. He needed his children's support to walk around. He was hospitalized in the Railroad General Hospital. During a consultation, a specialist said, "Look at the CT scan of Lao Zhang's head. His encephalatrophy is very pronounced, and he has serious paralysis. So how could he walk to here to see a doctor? Isn't that strange?" The doctor asked Lao Zhang, "What about this?" Lao Zhang replied, "When I practiced Falun Gong, my health improved. But now I am not allowed to practice." The doctor said, "Falun Gong is really great, you should continue practicing. What are you afraid of? You're not doing anything bad." All of his family's money had been spent. He had no more money and went home from the hospital. Not long after, Mr. Zhang passed away.

There are still many others in the Shangyuan residential area who have died from the return of old illnesses or are suffering from serious diseases because they are not allowed to practice Falun Gong. They spend large amounts to treat their diseases but to no effect. Among the Falun Gong practitioners in this residential area who have kept practicing, many were forced to attend the brainwashing class, some were sentenced to forced labor education in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, and some were forced to become destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested at home. They cannot go home or lead a normal life. These are only the cases documented in our residential area. If an investigation of the whole country were to be made, we do not know how many such cases there would be. Isn't Jiang's regime greatly harming people's health by banning Falun Gong?

Summarized below are two health reports on the effects of Falun Gong's healing and fitness effects on 10,000 people in Guangdong Province and Beijing in May 1999 and October 1998, respectively.

1. From The National Physical Education Central Bureau: Falun Gong's Healing and Fitness Effect Is Up to 97.9% Efficient

-- A Health Survey Report from Guangdong Province

In May 1999, the State Department twice gave written instructions: Qigong and human-body science are under the unitary administration of the National Physical Education Central Bureau. Accordingly the National Physical Education Central Bureau issued a series of special documents and taken a survey on the fitness practice that developed fastest and had the greatest influence on people.

Professor Hu Mingqin in the Pathology Teaching and Research Section of Guangzhou First Army Medical University, along with other physicians and medical professors with different specialties, formed a survey team. In September 1998, the team did a uniform sampling survey on the physical and mental health of about 12,500 Falun Gong practitioners in the cities of Guangdong Province, including Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhaoqin, Shantou, Meizhou, Chaozhou, Jieyang, Qingyuan, and Shaoguan. This survey sampled 12,553 people, 27.9% male, 72.1% female, 48.4% under 50-years-old, and 51.6% over 50. Among them, 10,475 practitioners were suffering from more than one illness, which is 83.4% of the total surveyed. While the length of time they had practiced varied from 2 to3 months to 2 to3 years, the health situations of sick practitioners greatly improved and the healing effects are very remarkable. The ratio of recovery and basic healing is 77.5%. And the number of practitioners on the mend is 20.4%.

The National Physical Education Central Bureau concludes that the efficacy of Falun Gong's healing and fitness was 97.9%. After reading the Health Survey Report in Guangdong Province, Qiao Shi, the former Chairman of the People's Congress stated, "Falun Gong brings much benefit to the country, with no negative impact. It is suitable to be spread and popularized." The report was submitted to the Political Bureau, but Jiang Zemin put it aside.

2. The Survey Report Based on 10,000 Cases in Beijing Regarding the Efficacy of Falun Gong's Fitness Effects

In October 1998, a statistical survey about the efficacy of Falun Gong's healing and fitness was conducted among Falun Gong practitioners in five districts of Beijing. 12,731 cases were surveyed. The result of statistical analysis showed that the general efficiency of Falun Gong's healing was 99.1%; the ratio of complete recovery is 58.5%; the ratio of improved health is 80.3%; the ratio of improvement in mental health is 96.5%. The survey showed that Falun Gong had remarkable effects in the aspects of healing and fitness.

  • Comparing practitioners' physical health before and after beginning the practice: Before practicing Falun Gong, 20% suffered from one illness, 23.6% suffered from two illnesses, and 49.8% suffered from more than three illnesses, accounting for 93.4% of the people surveyed. After learning Falun Gong, 58.5% completely recovered and 24.9% were on the mend. The total efficacy was 99.1%.
  • Comparing practitioners' mental health before and after beginning the practice: Before practicing Falun Gong, 52.4% reported heavy or moderately heavy stress. After practicing, 96.9% of everyone surveyed reported improvement; with 56.6% identifying themselves as "optimistic and happy," 27.0% "quite a bit improved," and 12.8% "improved to a certain extent."
  • Savings in medical expenses: The statistical results showed that those surveyed saved about a total of 41,700,000 yuan in medical expenses per year. An average person saved 3,270 yuan per year.

The responsible parties in Dadong District, Shenyang City, and their phone numbers:

(1). The Shangyuan Police Station of Dadong District, Shenyang City: 86-24-88326937; 86-24-88853078; 86-24-88853094

The Director: Director Du

(2). The Ertaizi Sub-district Office of Dadong District, Shenyang City:

Head of the Law Enforcement Section: Guo Qiang
Official specifically in charge of Falun Gong: Yu Shuchun
Tel: 86-24-88328569

During the past several years, Guo and Yu exerted themselves to the utmost to cooperate with the city and district 610 offices to arrest Dafa practitioners and send them to the brainwashing class.

(3). Community Head of Shangyang Residential Area of Dadong District, Shenyang City: Wang Ma and Zhu often go to Dafa practitioners' homes to cooperate with the sub-district office and the 610 Office to harass and arrest Dafa practitioners. The phone number of the community office is 86-24-88333769