(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang and his followers started this persecution against Falun Gong, the Zhangjiatun brainwashing class held by the "610 Office" in Jiaozhou City has been frequently exposed on overseas websites for its wicked deeds [the "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems].

The brainwashing class in Jiaozhou City is held in a complex consisting of over a dozen bungalows. The entrance of the complex is locked all the time and there are no signs identifying the complex. Since July 2000, there have been over 300 practitioners detained at this place. The houses there all have wire mesh covered walls and iron reinforced doors and windows. The doors of the houses are secured with alarms, and police and security guards patrol the complex with guard dogs hybrids that have been crossed with wolves.

Whenever a practitioner is sent to this place, he or she is only allowed to sleep on the concrete floor. All year round, the windows in the doors of each room are removed so that in the winter, a drop of water would immediately freeze, and in the summer, swarms of mosquitoes fly in through the opening. At each meal, practitioners are only given a tiny piece of steamed bread, a piece of pickled radish and half a bowl of water that hasn't been boiled to decontaminate it. They have to eat, drink, excrete and sleep in the same room. For this kind of "accommodation," practitioners still have to pay 50 yuan per day. Some practitioners had 3,000 yuan extorted from them and others, over 10,000 yuan [500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China]. The methods used to torture Falun Gong practitioners are cruel in this brainwashing class. Nonetheless, the upper authorities applaud this a place as a "model unit for Shandong Province."

There are always about ten guards living in the complex. Wang Qiang was the most vicious among them. Wang Qiang is a resident of Hebei Village, Jipu Town, Jiaozhuo City. He is now the deputy head of the Finance Department of Jiaozhuo City. When Jiaozhuo City first formed the "610 Office," he was the deputy head of the Office and was in charge of the Zhangjiatun brainwashing class.

Wang Qiang used vicious means to "transform" practitioners. He often tortured practitioners when he was drunk. During April and May of 2002, he ordered a close watch on a female practitioner and didn't allow her to sleep for 21 consecutive days. He beat a male practitioner and seriously wounded him. After the beating, he dragged the practitioner out and handcuffed him to a tree in the yard until 9:00 AM the next morning. He tortured the practitioner for seven days like this. Once, Wang Qiang handcuffed a practitioner, who had been on a hunger strike for over ten days, to an iron door and personally tortured the practitioner for eight hours.

Mr. Wang Congbai, an employee of the No. 7 Construction Company of the China National Petroleum Corporation, was arrested by the Jiaozhuo "610 Office" because he distributed Dafa truth-clarification materials. He was detained at the Zhangjiatun brainwashing class. Mr. Wang was tortured by Wang Qiang and persons under him and was critically injured. He died after he was sent back home. Wang Qiang, however, defamed Mr. Wang Congbai to the people in the brainwashing class, by making up a lie that, "Wang Congbai achieved consummation at home while he was doing the exercises."

Wang Qiang also incites hatred. In 2002, a practitioner was arrested and put in the brainwashing class, and later his wife came to see him. After the wife left, Wang Qiang and other guards beat and tortured the practitioner with various means. They claimed that they were doing so following the suggestion of "someone," implying that it was the suggestion of his wife. On the other hand, Wang Qiang sent someone to talk with the practitioner's wife and told her that her husband didn't give up practicing and didn't want to reunite with his family--he wanted to achieve "consummation." As a result, his wife developed a deep misunderstanding toward her husband and Dafa. Just like this, Wang Qiang utilized this type of vicious means to both mentally and physically torture practitioners. He deceived the family members of the practitioners in the brainwashing class, resulting in the break-up of many families. Wang Qiang also spread this torture method to neighboring counties and cities. People said, "After I heard what Wang Qiang said about Falun Gong, I would unknowingly have hatred toward Falun Gong."

Persons under Wang Qiang include Xue Yibing (Head of the section), Liu Jinggang (Deputy Head of the section), Xu (Associate Head of the section), Lu Tao (guard), Zhang Mingxian (guard), Jiang Pingze (guard), Sun Zhan (guard), Yu (female guard), Xu (female guard), and Xing (guard). These are all thugs who have tortured Dafa practitioners ¨C especially Lu Tao, a young man who beat practitioners ruthlessly. He frequently rushed into Dafa practitioners' rooms to beat them. He often held a thick stick in his hand while patrolling the hallway. At night, he would knock the floor with the stick once for every step he walked. Whenever he passed the door of a room, he would hit the door with the stick. He not only deliberately didn't allow practitioners to sleep; he also created an atmosphere of fear and even beat practitioners.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Ranggu, originally the Deputy Secretary General of the CCP in Yinghai Town, was arrested and sent to the brainwashing class simply because he wrote a letter to higher authorities to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. He was tortured for nine months there. To resist the persecution, Mr. Liu held a hunger strike. Wang Qiang and Xue Bing used pliers and screwdrivers to force open his mouth. Two of Mr. Liu's teeth were pried out and his mouth was bleeding. Lu Tao and Zhang Mingxian then poured very strong alcohol through a tube into Mr. Liu's stomach, causing him to lose consciousness for a long time. Once, they hung Mr. Liu up and took turns to beat him with rubber clubs. His body was covered with wounds and he lost consciousness several times. After this torture, Mr. Liu had to lie on the floor for three days and couldn't stand up. One day in March 2003, it was quite cold outside. The thugs stripped off Mr. Liu's clothes and tied him to a tree for the whole night. When he was sent back to his room, he had lost consciousness ¨C his whole body was freezing. To humiliate and torture him, Lu Tao and other guards tossed Mr. Liu, a man in his fifties, into the air and made him fall to the ground, calling it "wrestling practice."

Ms. Gao Yuzhen is a kindergarten teacher in her twenties. She was arrested only because she refused to give up Falun Gong, and she was cruelly tortured in the brainwashing class. Once, she was hung up on an iron door for several hours. Wang Qiang, Xu, Lu Tao, and Zhang Mingxian took turns to beat her. After two months' torture, Ms. Gao was on the verge of death, and only weighed several dozens of pounds. The head of the "610 Office," Liu Xuedong, and Wang Qiang became afraid that Ms. Gao would die and they wouldn't be able to account for it, so they released her in January 2003. When Ms. Gao's parents brought her home, they could hardly recognize her.

The thugs dragged Ms. Duan Guiyou, a primary school teacher, to a tree and tied her hands behind her. They put seven bricks under her left foot and tied her right leg to the tree with a belt. They then used rubber batons to beat her hands; she screamed. To cover her mouth, Lu Tao took a whiskbroom, dipped it in some urine and feces and stuffed it in her mouth.

Jiaozhou City's Zhangjiatun brainwashing class has wounded, crippled, and even permanently disabled many practitioners. To date, two practitioners are known to have been tortured to death in the class. They are: Mr. Wang Congbai, late employee at the No. 7 Construction Company of the China National Petroleum Corporation, and Mrs. Zhao Yuezhen, 48 years old, late resident of the Zhaojiadian Village, Jiaoxi Town, Jiaozhuo City.

The persecution of Falun Gong continues. The situation of Falun Gong practitioners is still grim; what facts we have been able to collect until now are just a small sample of the massive crimes that have been committed against Falun Gong practitioners.

December 24, 2003