(Clearwisdom.net, January 05, 2004) As Christmas comes closer, many people go shopping in the city center. In particular, the open Christmas market attracts a lot of people. Practitioners from the west of England took the opportunity to clarify the facts about Falun Gong and the facts about the persecution in China to local people. Practitioners spent a couple of days in Bath and Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

There were some touching scenes during the activities: when many people passed by our stall, they would forget about their shopping bags and stand near the stall to watch the exercise demonstration. Practitioners were very happy that these people could come to learn the facts.

A tall man came to the stall and told practitioners that he wanted to convey his best regards. This gentleman does social work at the city hall and he said that he has continually paid attention to reports on Falun Gong. He also said that he felt anxious about the persecution in China, and expressed support for Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful appeals for freedom of belief and hoped that the persecution would end soon. He signed the petition to rescue practitioners' imprisoned friends and family members before he left and wished practitioners good luck.

Here, we also encountered some Chinese people. Two Chinese students came to the Dafa stall, so practitioners gave them some truth-clarifying materials and a Video-CD. The two students told practitioners that they were from Cambridge and they had already read the leaflets. A few tourists from Mainland China took pictures of practitioners when they saw the Falun Gong exercise demonstration. One western practitioner gave them a leaflet and told of his experiences and the benefits he received from practicing Falun Gong. He also expressed that people shouldn't allow the persecution of Falun Gong to continue. The Chinese tourists nodded and said that they also knew Dafa is good, but they did not know what to do about the situation in China.

During the activities, practitioners met two friends from a church whom they had clarified the facts to two months ago. They were sorry for what practitioners are experiencing in China and invited practitioners to participate in a special meeting that they had arranged for the practitioners to introduce Falun Dafa.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200401/17053.html