1. When they were alone, a policeman of the Tiananmen Police Sub-station told a Falun Dafa practitioner: "I really admire you practitioners. Even under this kind of a situation, you still dare to speak the truth. Though we are policemen, we dare not say the truth even when we know it."

  2. A Dafa practitioner went to Beijing several times to appeal for Dafa and was arrested several times. Each time she was arrested, she clarified the facts to the police officers who escorted her back, telling them that good would be rewarded with good, and evil actions would meet with evil returns. When she was arrested again, one policeman, who had been very evil before, pushed through the crowd of people and when he reached her he said: "My good and dear sister, please save me! All the policemen in our area have received karmic retribution."

  3. A policeman in a labor camp ordered the prisoners to stuff underwear, menstrual pads and rags into the mouth of a practitioner. One day, when this policeman was arrogantly haranguing a practitioner who was handcuffed to a basketball stanchion, he said: "You disturb social order and violate the country's laws. You should obey the regulations here to be genuinely reformed." The practitioner answered him: "Freedom of belief is a right given to me by the Chinese Constitution. Appeal is permitted by Chinese law. Every single step I take is righteous. On the contrary, it is the very few people in the government who use the power in their hands to trample on the Constitution and deceive the people who violate the law. And you, as tools, are persecuting us for the purposes of protecting your own selfish interests, for your own benefits, for your own bonuses, for your own promotions. A country's laws are not as important as heavenly law. It is a heavenly law that determines good actions are rewarded, and evil actions are met with evil returns. I hope that you will not be so ignorant as to not be able to distinguish between acts of compassion and acts of evil and so do things against your own conscience." This Dafa practitioner's righteous words awakened the policeman. Since then, this person stopped persecuting practitioners. Sometimes he even secretly protected the practitioners.

  4. A location in a city where Falun Dafa truth clarification materials were made and stored was destroyed. The practitioners who were arrested were viewed as key members. The city's government officials and provincial levels were dragging many people in because of it: the provincial public security department, the director of the city public security bureau, and the directors of all the public security sub-bureaus. They all came. They set up outposts all along the route to the secret interrogation location,. It was as it they were facing some great, fast approaching enemy. At the end of their illegal interrogations, a commissar was pretending to receive a phone-call in front of a practitioner and said: "They believe in Dafa, they do not believe in the Party. I will for sure execute Secretary General Jiang's order to determinedly eliminate Falun Gong. They should be executed by firing squad. Ok, let me carry it out." And then he acted as if he would now escort the practitioner to the execution grounds. Before he stepped into the car, he said: "I ask you for the last time, do you still want to practice Falun Gong?" Everyone was listening carefully. That Dafa practitioner answered without hesitation: "I do." Everyone kept quiet. After some time, a policeman broke the silence and said: "Why is it that I feel like they are like the party members, and we are like members of the Guomingtang (National Party)?" [Note: The meaning of this comment is that in China, the Party has always promoted the view that they were the righteous victors over a corrupt Guomingtang regime.] The righteous thoughts and actions of the Falun Dafa practitioner made them realize that they themselves were not righteous.

  5. A guard in a labor camp with the last name Zhang, in a city in Liaoning province, was poisoned by the propaganda against Falun Dafa and as a result vehemently hated Dafa. She often used electric batons to shock Dafa practitioners. Once, she began shocking a practitioner who was practicing the meditation exercises. When she saw there was no response or sign of pain from the practitioner, she changed to an electric baton of higher voltage. When she saw there was still no response, she tested the electric baton against the the iron-gate, which immediately sent off sparks. She then understood what Falun Gong practitioners said was the truth. After observing Falun Gong practitioners' words and behavior, she also found out that they were all persons with high moral standards. She immediately broke the electric baton into three pieces and said: "This electric baton is no good." Since then, she has not used the electric batons to shock practitioners. She also secretly protects practitioners and warns the policemen who come to this labor camp that during interrogations the practitioners should not be beaten. This guard could not stop the practitioners from practicing the exercises, so she asked the director of the labor camp to come over. The director asked the practitioners who were sitting in meditation to "stand up". Since there was no one paying any attention to him, the director walked away in defeat. The guard who followed the director giggled with hands covering her mouth. Later on, this director told his relatives: "Falun Gong practitioners do not violate the law or commit any crimes. Their moral standards are even better than ours. How can I suppress them? My job is to discipline them, and it is no easy task."