(Clearwisdom.net) Does your mind become moved when you clarify the truth, send righteous thoughts, or do other things? No being can move the minds of gods. No external affair can make his [a god's] mind become moved. He does everything according to the Fa. Therefore, when we are saving sentient beings, we should do it with the minds of gods. If we do it from different mindsets, it'll be like ordinary beings saving ordinary beings.

When we clarify the truth or save sentient beings, we should cultivate our own minds. As practitioners, we should pay attention to this point, since it is cultivating our own minds that is, in fact, truly cultivation. Sentimentality (qing) needs to be eliminated persistently from the deepest recesses of our minds. A tranquil mind can only be reached after the attachment to sentimentality is eliminated. Sentimentality manifests in many forms, but it is not us. However, benevolence is. In other words, cultivation is to comprehend the Fa with reason. When we comprehend the Fa with feelings, the attachment to sentimentality will persist. When this happens, we need to sort out which part of our understanding is based on our reason, and which part is based on the attachment to sentimentality.

This is my limited understanding; if there is anything improper please kindly correct me.