(Minghui.org) Under the special circumstances of Dafa and Dafa disciples being persecuted, Mainland China's materials sites and Internet access points are established, operated and safeguarded by Dafa disciples on their own initiative in different places based on the understanding of Fa-rectification. The goal is to improve the Mainland Dafa disciples' cultivation environment, which has been severely disrupted, and to validate Dafa and offer salvation to sentient beings. In order to assure these places' stable operation, all of the volunteers at these materials sites and Internet access points must first become Dafa disciples who can proactively cultivate in any environment, and secondly, it is also of utmost importance to be able to maintain the state of Dafa disciples over a long period of time.

1. Requirements on the Character of Those at the Materials Sites and Internet Access Points

Over the last four years, the materials centers and Internet access points have exerted a remarkable positive effect, breaking through the evil's tight blockade of information related to Falun Gong and clearing away the countless lies spread by the propaganda machine under the control of China's evil ringleader. Precisely because they have had this important effect, materials sites and Internet access points have also become the primary targets for the evil, and those working at the materials center have become the main targets for the old forces' interference and "tests."

The work of each materials center is tied to the futures of many Dafa disciples and members of the local community. In the harsh conditions, because of the relative isolation of the working environment, one person's problems during cultivation would often affect the safety of other practitioners at the materials site, and it is an issue of whether or not that materials site can continue to survive and continue to exert a positive effect during Fa-rectification cultivation. (The requirements stated above for the state of volunteers do not apply to single-person materials sites, since those are entirely acts of individuals and do not affect other Dafa disciples, but they should still be looked at seriously.) So volunteer work must also have its standards--doing things proactively does not mean that there is no coordination. Doing whatever one wants or managing the site without principle is not being responsible to oneself or to society.

Because of this, in managing personnel at all of the materials sites and Internet access points in Mainland China, there must be basic requirements for all of the volunteers' cultivation state and the state of their characters. Those Dafa disciples who volunteer at the materials sites and Internet access points must strictly discipline themselves according to the standards in character set for cultivators, with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Only when all of the practitioners in and out of the materials centers strictly hold to these standards, could those at the materials centers do well in everything that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should do, in spite of the harsh environment of persecution, and bearing heavy workloads and working in relative isolation and loneliness.

Practitioners who are troubled by attachments to sentiment or who left home out of fear, practitioners who lack understanding of Fa-rectification cultivation based on the Fa principles, as well as the practitioners who cannot maintain studying the Fa well, sending forth righteous thoughts well, and regarding clarifying the truth as their duty--they are all not suitable for doing work at the materials sites and Internet access points. Even for the practitioners who understand the urgency of the work to offer salvation to people and have continually given of themselves silently, if they have temporary problems in cultivation due to long periods of being too involved in the work, they should stop for a while to study the Fa and cultivate themselves. They should resume the state that a Dafa disciple should be in first and then return to the work of the materials center, otherwise both the work and cultivation will suffer losses.

2. Safeguarding the Purity of the Materials Site Based on Fa-rectification Cultivation

Recently, some materials sites have exhibited the phenomenon of using everyday people's abilities and technical skills as the standard for evaluating people's suitability. This has placed the important work of offering salvation to people of the world on everyday people's skills and abilities, deviating from Dafa's requirements of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance", and creating difficult conflicts for the work at the materials sites. Some areas' practitioners had the attachment to accomplishing the work in the process of volunteering at the materials sites. They did not study the Fa for long periods of time, much less tranquilly studying the Fa and cultivating. They regarded producing the materials as everyday people's work, and regarded studying the Fa and cultivation, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and using their words and actions to validate Dafa as extra burdens. The result was that they were taken advantage of by the evil, and after they were captured, they betrayed their fellow practitioners, leading to many people being arrested.

The materials sites that Dafa disciples operate are not there for the sake of individuals gaining fame among cultivators or showing off their special talents. The volunteers at the materials sites must first be Dafa disciples with high character, or they will cause consequences that demons could only hope to cause. Any Dafa work contains elements of cultivation of character. What is the purpose of our working on the materials sites? Isn't it to validate Dafa and save sentient beings, while cleansing ourselves and completing the journey of a god?

Some areas have seen issues with men and women having improper relations, leading to that area's materials site being disrupted and channels for materials being disabled on a large scale. This has negated the result of Dafa disciples' validating Dafa, allowing the evil to look on and laugh. Even though those who have this type of problem are extremely few, the amount of damage they can cause is great, and they do not deserve to work at the Dafa disciples' materials centers. But some areas' practitioners would compromise the principles because they lack people with technical skills, and this is wrong. Those have lowered the level of their morality to the point where gods do not regard them as "human" any more--they are even farther away from the standard of cultivators, how can they be put into the important positions at materials sites by Dafa disciples? Can these kinds of people validate Dafa? What they face are the issues of how to redeem the sin of staining Dafa disciples' reputation and insulting Master with their filthy behavior, and the issue of how to be responsible for their own lives.

3. The Dafa Disciples Around the Materials Site Also Need to Continuously Raise Their Character, Sharing and Coordinating the Work Related to the Materials on Their Own

Teacher told us, "don't wait, don't rely on others." In the areas where problems arose with the materials sites, it's not just limited to the people working at the materials sites and Internet access points. The Dafa disciples around them should also look at themselves and ask if we should be relying on these people to offer salvation to sentient beings, and whether we should be allowing everyday people's skills to limit ourselves, whether we truly firmly believe in the wisdom that Dafa has given us, and in the face of conflicts whether or not we have truly put Dafa as the most important. When we have cleared up our understanding based on Fa principles, a few people's states would no longer become obstacles to our entire area's work to save sentient beings. The Dafa disciples around us, whether they are directly or indirectly involved in or know about these things, should look at themselves, raise their characters, get organized on their own and split up what should be done.

Master pointed out in, "Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference",

"On this path of Fa-rectification, and on this path of cultivation, there are bound to be tribulations, there are bound to be all kinds of disagreements, and there are bound to be the type of people just mentioned by that student. It's because the old forces think, "If your Dafa disciples are so pure and have no interference, then how are they going to get rid of some of their bad thoughts? How can you prove that your Dafa has emerged from such a complicated environment and established mighty virtue?" That's why they wanted to do that and why they arranged for there to be some people and for some things to happen--it was the old forces that wanted to do those things. I don't acknowledge any of it."

Those other Dafa disciples that do work related to materials, we need to remain clearheaded and rational in the face of any interference and conflict, and hold on to the foundation of Fa-rectification cultivation.

Clearwisdom editor January 24, 2004

*Materials sites refers to locations in China were practitioners create, print, and assemble literature that clarify the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution, such as flyers, banners, VCD's, etc.