(Clearwisdom.net) Guo Xu, head of the health clinic at Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City, took advantage of her position to torture practitioners. Using the excuse of "giving a physical examination" or" performing medical treatment," she first asks prisoners whether they are Falun Gong practitioners, and if the answer is yes, she takes out a 10 cm-long needle and inserts it under practitioners' fingernails.

Practitioner Jiang Xiaoli has been detained for a long time, and was forced to do heavy labor for 17-18 hours a day. The prolonged work burden eventually weakened her heart. When Jiang Xiaoli was in the clinic, Guo brought out the needles and inserted them under each of Jiang Xiaoli's fingernails.

Dafa practitioner Zhao Qiumei's blood pressure was a bit low due to the lack of normal rest, lack of nutrition and long-term detention. Once when Guo Xu was working the night shift, she went to the work area, and walked on top of Zhao, who was very weak and lying across the seats of several chairs. She asked Zhao if she practiced Falun Gong, and when others answered yes, without saying anything, Guo Xu took a needle and stabbed it under each of Zhao Qiumei's ten fingernails. Zhao Lihong, the guard on duty, violently pushed away practitioner Song, who was trying to stop Guo Xu and prevented other people from coming too close.

Phone number of the fifth team of Changchun Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp switchboard is (86)-431-5384312

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Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp
Changchun City, Jilin Province, 130000
P.R. China

January 5, 2004