(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2000, I went back to China to visit my family. I heard that a fellow practitioner was sentenced to forced labor because of me. I used to mail some daily expense money to her, because her salary had been suspended by Tianjin University and her financial condition was bad. Later I came to know that she used the money I gave her to buy a printer to produce truth clarification materials. As a result, the authorities accused her of conspiring with international sources. When I heard this, I went to the police and tried to clarify the facts to them, but they detained me and then searched my parents' home. They had learned from another source that I kept contact with several practitioners inside China and sent them information through the internet.

The No. 4 Section of Tianjin Police Department (in charge of graduate students) interrogated me continuously for forty-eight hours. They repeatedly asked me the same questions to see if what I said was consistent. They asked me about who I communicated with and details of my local practice site. If I refused to answer, they believed that the answer must be important. They made simple things out to be very complex. For instance, I went to Seattle, Washington to participate in an experience sharing conference. They forced me to tell them who arranged for me to go there. But actually, no one did. I went because I wanted to, but they didn't believe me. Their thoughts had clearly been distorted by the Jiang regime propaganda.

In attempts to force me to give up my belief, they called all my relatives in Tianjin. They threatened them, telling them that my case was serious. My mother knelt down to ask me give up practicing cultivation. Later I learned that the Tianjin police used similar means to force other practitioners in Tianjin University and Nankai University to give up their practice, tricking relatives to kneel down to beg practitioners to give it up. Sometimes, they even asked families that lived far away to come to help them. My mother slapped me insanely, and she almost fainted. The lawless policemen saw that their aim could not be achieved and dragged my mother away. At that time, I was in great pain. It was the police who created the pain for my family and me, but they said I had no milk of human kindness and shirked all responsibility for me. Later they sentenced me to one month in Nankai Detention Center.

Before I went to the police department, I confirmed my return ticket. At that time, only four were days left. They called the airline to postpone my return date, intending to "reform" me before I left. However, they failed. During the four days, they interrogated me twice for long periods of time. Once it lasted 14 hours. When it was clear to them that I would not give up, they ordered me to never contact practitioners in China (to not send them materials from Minghui). They also told me to write a realization statement (some form of "confession"), which I did, leaving a stain on my path of cultivation.

On the afternoon of June 17, 2000, just before releasing me, an associate director with last name Kong asked me a few questions, including whether I still believed what I read on Minghui. I answered yes. Then he asked whether I would keep in touch with them, providing information about any experience sharing conferences, for instance. I replied thoughtlessly, "ok," thinking I could spread the Fa to them, but later I felt something was wrong. After I returned to Singapore, I became clearer about what they meant. They wanted me to act as a spy. I was very regretful because I had complied with them. I felt that I had done an evil thing and had betrayed Dafa. Some days later, as I expected, they sent me an email to ask my situation. This further proved their intention. I then became clear minded and immediately knew that I should deny it thoroughly and not just regret it, so I sent Tianjin Police Department a solemn declaration and a report of my personal experiences explaining why I would practice cultivation firmly.

In October 2000, a fellow practitioner from Tianjin was arrested after he had gone to Beijing to appeal. Through him, the police in the No. 4 section of Tianjin Police Department learned that I continued to send information to practitioners in China. They became angry and asked my family to tell me that they regretted releasing me. Actually they tried to make use of my family to put pressure on me. My family became worried about me because they were so timid. However, after the police realized that it was useless to threaten me through my family, they stopped harassing them.

But they still didn't give up. The police then asked a fellow practitioner in Tianjin about me. They wanted to know when I would come back to China. They also asked this practitioner to keep in touch with me in order to know my whereabouts, but the practitioner refused to comply.

The reason I report my experiences is to expose the Tianjin Police Department's persecution of my family and me. I hope they stop committing criminal acts; otherwise they will totally ruin their own future.

December 26, 2003