January 7, 2004

(Clearwisdom.net) Today, I am writing down my own experience to testify together with fellow practitioners: Steadfastly believing in Teacher and Dafa really can deny the old force's arrangement, and can eradicate the evil persecution as well.

On February 24, 2002, using the opportunity of visiting my relatives in the countryside, I distributed truth-clarifying materials in the neighboring villages. I was, however, reported and detained in the detention center. Five days later, I was transferred to a local prison. During the interrogation, they claimed that because I distributed lots of truth clarifying materials, I would be sentenced to a long prison term. In my heart I said to myself that what they were saying would not count; I am a Dafa practitioner.

The rules in the prison were to memorize the prison regulations, wear the uniform, and do the code seating. As soon as I entered the cell, someone told me to memorize the prison regulations. Refusing to do so, I was punished and made to stand for a long period of time. Having made up my mind, I still refused to memorize them. Being a Dafa disciple, there's no way I would memorize them. As a result, after only half an hour of standing, I was let go. For several days in a row I did not memorize the regulations. Later, I was transferred to another prison. Seeing practitioners wearing the uniforms and memorizing the prison regulations, I felt very uncomfortable. I found some chances to discuss this with them, but because of being imprisoned for a long time, and lacking studying the Fa in depth, plus the adverse environment, only one practitioner had a similar understanding as I did. After firmly resisting the evil, she was miraculously released, while the others were either sentenced to jail terms, or forced labor.

When seeing that every day our fellow practitioners also did the code seating like the inmates, I felt extremely uncomfortable. How could the practitioners sit in the same posture as the inmates? Could that still be cultivators? I did not sit like them, but did single leg or double leg crossing, and recited Fa, and sent forth righteous thoughts. The inmate head saw me doing that, but dared not report me. Sometimes she was anxious to move my legs, but I persisted. Not knowing what to do, she eventually reported me to the prison guard. I was not afraid, but stared him in the face directly. He asked me why I didn't put on the vest, and do the code seating. I said that I did not violate the law. The prison guard scolded me, and then dejectedly walked away. Afterwards, the other practitioners also took off the uniforms.

I understood that if we all could follow Teacher's Fa to cultivate and behave, the evil forces really could not touch us. When I was doing well as a practitioner, Teacher's Fa echoed in my mind. Teacher even encouraged me in dreams.

When I was using all the time reciting the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and resisting the evil's demands, suddenly my body appeared to be seriously ill. I could not eat. Several days later, I even had a hard time sitting. My husband came to see me. I fell on the ground on the scene, and my whole body jerked. I became only a little better after a very long time. But still I felt dizzy and sick. Later, I started to have headaches that got worse day after day. They sent me to the hospital, and gave me a CT scan. The result they got was that my brain stem could not get sufficient blood, and the nerve was damaged. I was hospitalized. On that very evening, the prison manager, prison doctor, and some people from the police station all arrived at the hospital. They finished the necessary paper work and I was unconditionally released.

I profoundly understood it was our merciful Teacher who had protected me, and helped me to leave such an evil den. The police had claimed that they would sentence me to 3-4 years of imprisonment. Eventually, with Teacher's help, and my strong righteous thoughts, the police's plan became unfulfilled. Now I feel light, without any sickness. I did not take any medicine. I am full of energy. I have no symptoms of those who suffer from cerebral thrombosis. This is the manifestation of Dafa's mystery and superiority in my real cultivation.