(Clearwisdom.net) In June 2003, I walked out of a forced labor camp with dignity. When I returned home, friends and neighbors all came to visit. My relatives came the next day when they heard that I was home. They were chatting about how things were going, and suggested that I do not "make any more trouble." I was grateful for all the kind greetings, but I was more cautious when it came to their attitude towards Dafa. My heart was heavy because some of them were still deceived by Jiang and his regime's lies. They all have predestined relationships with me! There are few other Falun Dafa cultivators in our mountain area, information is blocked, and we are very short on truth-clarifying materials. Meanwhile those lies are being forced into people's minds through the TV, newspapers, and other media. I felt like it was my responsibility to save these people.

My fellow practitioners came to visit me one by one after letting me rest a couple of days. They brought Teacher's new articles and Clearwisdom articles, and updated me on the Fa-rectification process in our hometown. They helped me understand our coordination efforts so that I, as a Dafa particle, could melt into the one body. When farming during the day, I went about things as usual by letting everyone I met know about the goodness of Falun Dafa and telling them about the facts of the persecution. Then I would hand out truth-clarifying materials at night, in addition to studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I left no corner without putting up Dafa stickers or written banners, or without leaving some informational materials.

Recently, with the help of my friends and family, I clarified the truth to people where I am working as a part-time employee out of town. My boss knows Dafa is good, and he trusts me. But in case anything might happen, he helped me find another job. I wanted to change to another place to clarify the truth to more people anyway. Isn't this the path Master arranged for me? Now, I am traveling back and forth from my hometown to out of town, and am doing what a Falun Dafa particle should do. I often come across people who do not believe me or resist the truth, and threaten to report me, but my heart remains calm, and I use my compassion and sincerity to save them.

Under the protection of our Master, I have on many occasions narrowly escaped danger. These experiences inspire me to seize the day and do better with fulfilling the mission that Master has bestowed on us disciples, until the truth is fully revealed.