December 24, 2003

( Practitioners A and B meet with each other often. Together they exchange their understandings and their experiences in overcoming tribulations. They also discuss how to clarify the facts of the persecution and the scenes they see during sending forth righteous thoughts. A is already seventy-eight years old. No matter under what kind of pressure, her determination to practice cultivation never wavered. A once said to B, "Last night I dreamed that there were shapes of mouths all over the snow and grass. After thinking about it, I realized that Teacher is hinting that I should clarify the truth to people more. I realized that I have neglected this part of my cultivation and have not done enough in this regard. I always thought that it was sufficient to do just some truth clarification. For instance, it is hard for me to clarify the facts to people face to face because I fear that I won't do well. But it looks like this is not going to work. I must clarify the truth more in the future to amend my omission." B said, "I too believe that your dream has some connection with clarifying the facts. As long as we have the intention to do so, we will definitely have the chance. You should read more materials pertinent to clarifying the truth and practice several times beforehand. You will find that there's nothing difficult to it. In Touring North America, Teacher praised Dafa disciples' clarifying the truth, 'Whether it's the bitter cold of winter, the intense heat of summer, or when everything is covered by ice and snow, or in the pouring rain, and no matter what people's attitudes are or how difficult it is, you haven't let up.'"

When A and B met again after a few days, A said to B, "My sister wrote me from Jilin. She is ill and misses me greatly. I have several relatives there and I realized that this is a chance for me to clarify the truth to them. I think I should go, don't you?" B replied, "I think you are right. From an ordinary person's perspective, you are an elder approaching your eighties. The journey is long and the winter is harsh, people will not think badly of you if you don't go. Yet, because we are practitioners, we have the mission and responsibility to save the world's people. This chance is hard to come by. You will regret it if you let it slip away. Go ahead. I will send forth righteous thoughts here to help you." A said, "Then I should leave right away. Wait for my good news." Therefore Practitioner A followed the cultivation path that Teacher has arranged for her. With the compassionate heart she has cultivated within Dafa, and the accompaniment of one of her relatives, she got on a train heading north to do what she was supposed to do.

They met again after several days and practitioner A said excitedly to B, "My entire journey was exceptionally smooth. I clarified the truth to many people back home and handed out all the truth clarification materials I brought. They were very willing to listen to me speaking. I appreciate Teacher for giving me such a great opportunity." B said, "You did a great job. This is an encouragement to all fellow practitioners. We will have no regrets if we seize each opportunity we have. Let's not develop the attachment of zealotry though! I dreamed that many Dafa disciples were walking hand in hand on a road covered with rocks. They constantly reminded each other to avoid those rocks while walking forward together. Teacher does not want to lose one true disciple. This is also our destiny and glory."

These past years, no matter how difficult our environments are or how busy we are, the experience-sharing and discussions among practitioners are essential. It is Dafa that connected us together. The countless open-hearted sharings are unforgettable, inspiring and make us yearn for more. When disagreements arise, everyone then looks inward to eliminate one's exposed attachments. Consequently we can then be purified and return to our true selves. I hope that more practitioners can step out and participate group discussions to help each other and progress together. As Teacher told us,

"The better you cooperate with each other as a whole the more powerful you are, and the more powerful you are the greater your impact." "But of course, as long as the evil still exists it's going to cause harm. We cannot let our guard down, and we still need to cooperate even better and communicate with each other often." (From "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference")