Facts of Persecution

1) Recently in Hebei Province, all the determined Dafa practitioners detained at various labor camps have been transferred to two most evil places for intensified persecution, with male practitioners being sent to the Baoding Labor Camp and female practitioners to the Gaoyang Labor Camp. The police use all kinds of torture on Dafa practitioners. For example, they shock them with electric batons, deprive them of sleep, tie them up, force them to squat for long periods of time, force-feed them, etc. The lives of these practitioners are in jeopardy.

2) Police at the Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp in Zizhong City, Sichuan Province force criminals to torture Dafa practitioners by threatening to torture them [the criminals] or extending their prison terms if they refuse to do so. The criminals then use all kinds of torture on practitioners. If they injure practitioners, then the police would help cover up the truth. The people responsible for this include: section chief Li in the administration department, Li Qi (captain of Team Nine), guards Li Xia, Yin Dan, Liao Xiaolin, Kang Fengxia, Jiang, and Yang.

3) In the past several months, the political and legal committees and "610 Offices" in various places in Fushun City, Liaoning Province have arrested many Dafa practitioners and sent them to the provincial brainwashing center located in Luotaishanzhuang. There they broadcast videotapes slandering Dafa every day. They did not allow practitioners to sleep. They also used collaborators (former practitioners who have turned against Dafa under pressure) to brainwash practitioners. For practitioners on hunger strike, they used brutal means to force-feed them. Since its establishment, this center has held 4 sessions nonstop to persecute Dafa practitioners. It is said that a 5th session is under way.

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

1) In January 2001, I was arrested for the fourth time and held in a detention center, a provincial labor camp and a municipal brainwashing class for a total of three years. Other detained practitioners and I broke through all the tests forced upon us. We resisted the evil by going on hunger strikes and writing letters of appeal. By clarifying the truth to the police and ordinary people, we eliminated the bad notions in their minds against Dafa. As a result, their attitude towards Dafa has changed from misunderstanding to sympathy with and admiration for us practitioners. Some people even expressed their wish to learn Dafa after they were released. A section chief, who was once very active in brainwashing practitioners, now admires practitioners from the bottom of his heart. A policeman who was touched by the righteous belief of practitioners, wished us the best after reading Zhuan Falun. Because of the change in their heart, these police officers were transferred to different sections where they do not have to deal with and persecute Falun Gong. Some guards secretly told the criminals to allow us to do the Dafa exercises in the prison cells after realizing that we were good people. With the progression of the Fa-rectification, the brainwashing class has begun to release Dafa practitioners on a large scale starting this April. As of July, all the Dafa practitioners were released from the brainwashing class. Therefore, this brainwashing class that has been held for two years totally disintegrated.

2) At the end of April 2003, two Dafa practitioners from Beijing were arrested and sent to the same detention center. The two practitioners encouraged each other and firmly resisted the evil. They sent forth righteous thoughts together. During a medical checkup, both of them were diagnosed with heart problems. According to the rules, people with such diseases should be released by the detention center. However, the police secretly gave the doctor some money, and then the doctor forged the medical document so that it was still okay for the detention center to detain the two practitioners. The two practitioners continued to resist the evil. They recited Teacher's articles together and refused to wear the prison uniforms and refused to answer any of the questions from the police. They also went on a hunger strike. By the fifth day of their hunger strike, with Teacher's protection, they broke free of the evil den and returned home safely.

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