September 16, 2003


One day in early June 2003, Mr. Shi Dongxin, a Dafa practitioner in Shibukou Village of Lidazhuang Town, Xihua County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, was deceived by a village cadre, Wang Meng, into thinking that Wang was simply going to have a talk with him. After leaving home, he was kidnapped to the Xihua Detention Center illegally by the police department of Xihua County. Mr. Shi successfully escaped with righteous thoughts the next day when he learned that day that he would be sent to the Xuchang City Labor Camp.

On the same day of Shi's escape, the Police Department of Xihua County turned out in full force to the home of Shi to arrest his family members. They successively kidnapped 12 family members and relatives of Shi to the Police Department of Xihua County for interrogations. Among them his father, his brother-in-law and his uncle were illegally detained for half a month. The boyfriend of his sister and his cousin were set free after being detained for several days and were forced to search for Shi. They also had been frequently threatened and brutally beaten by the policemen in the prison. In the prison, his cousin was so brutally beaten by the policemen that he cried to the next room: "Father, help!" His father, who was detained in the next room, cried back: "My child, I have no way to help you!" The boyfriend of his sister is a newly graduated student from the Policemen University of Henan Province and had not been assigned a position yet (in China, the government arranges jobs for newly graduated university students). The policemen in the prison threatened him: "You will never be arranged a job if you can't find Shi Dongxin!" His brother-in-law was also brutally beaten while suffocating him by covering his head with a plastic bag. For the following two weeks, the homes all of his relatives were occupied by the policemen, and the telephones of his relatives and neighbors were also monitored.

Mr. Shi Dongxin, over 30 years old, obtained Dafa and started his cultivation in April 1999. After his cultivation of Falun Dafa, he found that all of his diseases went away, his mind was purified and his life became more joyful than before. On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime launched the brutal persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners throughout the country. In September 2002, the local policemen accused Mr. Shi of distributing truth-clarifying materials. They kidnapped him to the Police Department of Xihua County and cruelly tortured him. The policemen shouted abuses at him and four of them jumped on him and brutally punched and kicked him. At that time, Mr. Shi was almost deafened by the violence and clumps of his hair were pulled out. The head policeman shouted at him, "You will see how cruelly I will torture you this evening!" They bound him with a rope so tightly that it completely cut off the circulation to his hands and feet. At the same time, they put a wine bottle between his shirt and his back and brutally beat him. After that he was detained for more than 2 months. He was not set free until being extorted for 6,000 Yuan (the average monthly income of a Chinese worker is about 500 Yuan).

This time, after escaping from the den of evil with righteous thoughts, Mr. Shi Dongxin became homeless to avoid further persecution. His family members miss him very much.