Every occurrence presents an advantageous side for us to clarify the truth, and the latest development in the Chicago lawsuit against Jiang is no exception. Although during the past year we have expended a lot of effort and resources to transmit the news about the lawsuit to China, there are still many people who refuse to believe it. This time the official Chinese media actually came to our assistance and made it clear to people that "The lawsuit against a certain Chinese leader" had indeed taken place. It is no longer necessary for us to expend effort validating this point. Therefore the outcome of the first round actually presented a quandary for the Chinese Government's propaganda machinery.

There must be a lot of questions in the minds of the Chinese people after they heard such confusing and contradictory news. Therefore, we need to adjust our focus in our next round of truth clarification. In our dialogue we need to take advantage of this situation and adroitly direct people's attention according to the latest circumstances, arouse their inquisitiveness, and address their questions. For example, we could thoroughly clarify the issues if we talk about them in the following manner:

  1. You must have heard that Falun Gong practitioners in United States filed a lawsuit against a "Chinese Leader." Do you know who the Chinese Leader being sued is? If the "Chinese Leader" being sued purportedly thinks that he has triumphed over the lawsuit, why won't he allow them to reveal who he is?
  2. Would you like to know what Jiang was charged with? If Jiang felt that the charges were unfounded, why did he not show up in court to vindicate himself?
  3. As the criminal evidence was apparently irrefutable and overwhelming, Jiang dared not show up to defend himself, and resorted to applying covert pressure on the U.S. government to dismiss the case.
  4. The lawsuit was filed last October, and the whole world knew about it. Why is it that only the Chinese people did not know?
  5. The decision handed down by the U.S. District court was based on a legal technicality. The court did not refute any of the charges brought by Falun Gong. Therefore, the real legal action has only just begun.
  6. The interesting part is yet to come. Because the Chinese government will continue with the information blockade, please pay close attention to the news provided by Falun Gong.
  7. The suit against Jiang is only one of many brought by Falun Gong overseas. Some have already concluded successfully, but most are still in the beginning stages, with more cases to follow. Please pay close attention as the situation unfolds.

I feel that the real court proceedings are just starting. Ever since legal action against Jiang began, not only have most of the Chinese media worldwide been silent, even the western media have been rather muted. One reason is that many countries considered that it would have a negative impact on their relationship with China if they reported on such sensitive news about China. Now that the news media has finally broken their silence after the Chinese side temporarily "won" the first round, it also opened the floodgate for more lawsuits to be reported. If this temporary "outcome" had been advantageous to the plaintiff, then it might not have gotten as widespread coverage by the media, and our numerous legal actions would not have accomplished the desired objective.

Let us seize this historical opportunity to clarify the truth!