Since 1999, the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province has used deceitful means to force practitioners who did not have a good understanding of the Fa, to write so-called "transformation statements" (document denouncing their belief in Dafa). The labor camp then published a book to try to deceive other practitioners by collecting all the statements and entitling it, "Awakening."

At this time, the authors of all the statements collected in the book have returned to practicing cultivation in Dafa, and they have declared null and void the statements they wrote under intense pressure.

Some Dafa practitioners have been repeatedly sent to labor camps; however, they are very determined in cultivation. For example, Zheng Donghui and Chen Ronghui have conducted hunger strikes to protest the persecution. Even though their physical bodies were severely damaged, they are still very firm in cultivation.

The so-called "transformation results" (meaning the number of practitioners who have given up cultivation under pressure) can on longer deceive Dafa practitioners.