(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Sufen had a miraculous experience. It was the winter of 1996. Due to the snow, Sufen accidentally slipped and fell to the ground causing her right wrist bone to fracture. It was then treated at a hospital, and it took a whole year to recover. But just two months later at the practice site, she found that she could no longer straighten her arm.

A year later, while she was riding her bike, she accidentally got hit by another boy. The wrist that was injured earlier got fractured again. At that instant, her righteous thoughts were extremely strong, very calmly she told the boy, "I am fine, you can leave." Then with one hand supporting the bike, she walked to the practice site. When she was practicing the exercises and studying the Fa, none of the fellow practitioners noticed that her wrist had broken again. Later she told two practitioners beside her about what had happened. They all noticed that the broken bone had lifted up the skin of that area and they were all quite worried. But Sufen said firmly, "Its fine, this time I will definitely pass the test." Then she rode back home.

The following morning, she came to the practice site pretty early. When she was doing the movement of "Holding the Wheel on Both Sides of Head" of the "The Falun Standing Stance" exercise, people near Sufen all heard her crying. After the practice everyone seemed very concerned about her. Very agitated she said, "Master is curing the bone fracture for me." While performing "Holding the Wheel on Both Sides of Head," a strong fluid energy seized her wrist, like a big hand holding the inside of her wrist bone tight, it felt very comfortable... While she was talking about that, everyone noticed that the swollen wrist that had a fractured bone had flattened, and had become normal. Many Dafa practitioners present there witnessed the greatness of Dafa.

During the days that followed, while performing "The Falun Standing Stance" exercise, she could still sense the fluid energy wrapping around her wrist, though each time it became weaker and weaker until her wrist had completely recovered.

Master says, "Good or evil comes from that instant thought." (Zhuan Falun) Doesn't Sufen's miraculous experience strongly confirm what Master had said?!