I. The Persecution Infrastructure

  1. Host organizations: Daqing City Government, Daqing Oil Ltd. and Daqing Oil Administrative Bureau, jointly established the so-called "Legal Education School," which is in fact used to brainwash Falun Dafa practitioners forcefully.
  2. Address: the brainwashing center is located in the Hongweixing Residential Area, Ranghulu District. (Former Oil Construction Company Address)
  3. Time established: November 2002
  4. Money Invested: Over 2 Million Chinese Yuan, paid by Daqing Oil Administrative Bureau and Oil Ltd. A large amount of equipment such as vehicles, and monitoring equipments were bought.
  5. Organisation: (Total of over 40 officers)

Principal: Zhang Guojun (Deputy Director of Daqing Oil Administrative Bureau "610 Office")
Deputy Principal: Wang Xiange (Daqing Labour Camp Vice Commissar)
Deputy Principal: Tang Zhensheng (Fourth Oil Factory Discipline Secretary)
Assistant: Wang Zhonghe (Team Leader in Labour Camp)
Chief of Education Department: Deng Fuping (Head of the Sixth Oil Team Mine)
Chief of Education Logistic: Wang Yuping
Chief of Logistic Administration: Zhao Laizhi
Deputy Director of Educational Department: Su Zhongwei

  1. Means of Persecution
  1. Every session lasts for 2 months, and up until now there have been 4 sessions. If at the end of the session practitioners still refuse to give up cultivation in Dafa, they will be forced to stay there for another session.
  2. The workplace of every practitioner arrested is forced to pay a 5000 Yuan administrative fee. Moreover, the practitioner him or herself is forced to pay a 1200 Yuan boarding fee, or their wages will be garnished if the fee is not paid immediately.
  3. The workplace must appoint one person to accompany the practitioner, and family members are not allowed to visit. It is a 24-hour closed surveillance. The person accompanying the practitioner must be changed every week, and they must be Party members.
  4. There is a surveillance facility in every brainwashing class. All actions are monitored. There is no privacy or freedom. The lights are left on all night.
  5. Falun Gong practitioners will be forced to watch videos and VCDs which defame Falun Dafa. Everyday there will be people "chatting" with practitioners to force them to sign the five "declarative statements" (all are statements denouncing Dafa). Using their terms, this is to "kindly" advise practitioners. If the practitioners refuse such "kindness," they will be physically tortured, such as being deprived of sleep or force-fed if they are on hunger strike. Collaborators (Former practitioners who have turned against Dafa under pressure) are also be used to persuade those who are still determined in their practise.
  6. All administration is done by the labour camp police, and the guards are composed of "610 office" personnel and representatives from different workplaces.
  7. A list of rules was set up to govern the conduct of helpers, those who are assigned to keep an eye on Dafa practitioners. Helpers are not allowed to disclose anything of what is happening in the brainwashing center, including phone numbers, school addresses, details of practitioners' statuses, nor are they allowed to provide Dafa practitioners with any communication or transportation assistance.
  8. All helpers working in the school are former police officers who worked in Daqing Labour camp. In order not to expose their evil deeds, all helpers are called by their family name, and their given names are avoided.
  9. The brainwashing center spreads propaganda across practitioner's workplaces, using the fabricated Tiananmen Square Self Immolation footage. They have also planned to have a conference in September in order to escalate the persecution.

III. Cases of Persecution

  1. Falun Gong practitioner An from Chuangyezhuang area was abducted at home. Some kind-hearted leaders from his workplace told us that the "610 office" had assigned quotas to various workplaces asking them to arrest a certain number of practitioners. Therefore the workplaces are busy arresting practitioners to meet the quota.
  2. Dafa practitioner Mr. Li, working at an electrical company, was forced to leave his workplace and is now homeless in order to avoid capture for brainwashing. His workplace lied that they had resolved the issue with the brainwashing center and that he could come back to work. Yet once he got back, he was immediately arrested and taken to the brainwashing center.
  3. Donghu District Falun Gong practitioner, Cao, was arrested and sent to the brainwashing center when her workplace deceived her into going back to the workplace to receive her money, which had been withheld by the company.
  4. In the first brainwashing session, practitioners Niu and Du were not allowed to sleep for over 5 days and nights. Seeing that collaborators failed to convince them to give up their belief in Dafa, the helpers beat them severely throughout the night.
  5. Daqing Insurance Company Falun Gong practitioner Wang was abducted to the brainwashing center. He started a hunger strike to protest and was later taken away. No one knows where he is or how he is.
  6. Dafa practitioner Yu Shuang is a 29-year-old doctor from Longfeng Electrical Company Hospital. He was abducted to the brainwashing center on 18th February 2003. Because he was very firm in his belief, he was sent to Longfeng Detention Center. Shortly afterwards, he was sentenced to 3 years in a labour camp.
  7. Sixth Oil Factory Dafa practitioner Han Lihua has been detained for 3 sessions due to her refusal to sign the declarative statements. She was not allowed to sleep and was forced to squat on the floor. She is beaten if her squatting position is not consistent.
  8. Fireman Liu Han, who is also a Dafa practitioner, was persecuted to such an extent that his lower back was injured; yet he is still being detained, and was sentenced to 1 year of labour camp on the 21st of April.

IV. Contact Information of People Responsible for the Persecution

Principal: Zhang Guojun
86-459-5055568 (Office), 86-459-5901868 (Home), 86-13009816051 (Mobile)

Deputy Principal: Wang Xiange
86-459-5055638 (Office), 86-459-6097788 (Home), 86-13936888191 (Mobile)

Deputy Principal: Tang Zhensheng
86-459-5050638 (Office), 86-459-5978077 (Home)

Administrative Department:
Wang Zhonghe: 86-459-5056300 (Office), 86-459-6850720 (Home)
Jiang Xiaoying: 86-459-5050028 (Office), 86-459-5978802 (Home)

Educational Department:
Dent Fuping: 86-459-5050023 (Office), 86-459-5860535 (Home)

Security Guard: 86-459-5056610