(Clearwisdom.net) Since early April of 2003, Hulan Jail began to intensify the persecution of Dafa practitioners in order to force them to give up their belief. Dafa practitioners' basic rights for living have been seriously violated.

Fan Changjiang (deputy political head) in Division 3 of Hulan Jail took possession of 700 Yuan from the 1000 Yuan that were mailed in by Dafa practitioner Mr. Luan Yuanxin's family. He also called Luan Yuanxin's wife asking for a gift, saying that he was building a house and had financial difficulty. He claimed that he would take care of Luan Yuanxin in the jail in return for the money.

Currently, any practitioners in Division 3 who have refused to write "statements" and "understanding" are under harsh persecution. There are dedicated people to watch them, and practitioners' conversations and activities are being monitored. They are not allowed to meet family members, send or receive mails, or make phone calls. Supervisor Fan Changjiang shouted to an inmate who was watching a practitioner, "Punish him! If anything happens, I will take the responsibility for you." He also pressured an inmate leader by saying that if the inmates could not force the practitioners to alter their belief, he would be fined 1000 Yuan.

Jailors in Division 15 instigated inmates not to let Dafa practitioner Mr. Qian Houmin sleep for seven days and nights. Qian Houmin protested with a hunger strike for 20 days. He is now receiving emergency treatment in the jail hospital. Many Dafa practitioners who have been illegally detained in different divisions have suffered from severe persecution, including Mr. Liu Hongyun in Division 10, Mr. You Dabing in Division 9, Mr. Xie Yi in Division 2, Mr. Zhu Lijun and Mr. Fan Huili in Division 7, and the practitioners in Division 1. Section chief Wang Sougang in Division 11 employed the inmates to monitor Dafa practitioners. He said to an inmate, "I want you to watch him. He has to report to you on everything. If he does not obey, you can curse or beat him. I will award you with a high score each month." The jailors' bad behavior was often the object of criticism and disdain among the criminal inmates.

Dafa practitioner Zhang Xuewen, who was detained in Intensive Supervision Division, went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. He died as a result of the persecution on August 8, 2003

After being detained in the intensive supervisor team, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zheng Wenhe has firmly resisted all kinds of abuse. Each day the inmates forced him to "repent" and did not let him sleep. His health was seriously affected. He hit his head against the wall to protest and is now in critical condition. He is currently being held at the hospital.

List of persecutors:

Deputy Political Head Fan Changjiang at Division 3
Section Chief Wang Shougang at Section 1 of Division 11

September 6, 2003