Wang Yi

( September 12th report: Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Yi lived in Tianjin City. On January 24, 2002, Wang Yi went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for Dafa. He was arrested and detained at Nankai District Police Department in Tianjin. He died early in the morning on January 31, 2003. Wang Yi's body was covered with bruises and scars. The police department authorities didn't allow Wang's family to take pictures of his body in the morgue. The police cremated his body in March. Over one hundred police officers were present to monitor the process.

On January 24, 2002, Wang Yi went to Tiananmen Square and wrote on the ground, "Falun Dafa is good," which resulted in his arrest by the police on duty who sent him back to Tianjin. During the morning on January 27, Wang Yi's daughter went to Nankai District Police Department in Tianjin to visit him and saw that he was wearing a vest. He was handcuffed and shackled, but in good spirit. Four days later, though, on the 31st, Wang Yi's family received a notice from the local police station saying Wang Yi "died from heart disease during the early morning on January 31st."

On February 1, Wang Yi's family went to the hospital under the scrutiny of over a dozen police officers. When the family asked to see the body, the police demanded that they go in two groups and may not cry when they see the body.

When Wang Yi's family members went to the morgue, they saw his body wore a brand new shirt and pants that did not belong to Wang Yi. They noticed a scar on his neck. When they flipped open the shirt they saw two circular, purple bruises about the size of a thumb on the edge of the left ribs. The family was shocked. They cut the shirt open with a pair of scissors. They saw that the underarm area, and the area from his chest to his throat were black and blue. All his back was covered with bruises. Numerous scars and bruises covered the area from his lower back down to the buttocks, and the large scars and bruises were also found on the four limbs.

The family then took pictures of the body, but the police immediately stopped them and grabbed the camera, and threatened, "You can't leave here if you don't hand in that camera! We'll arrest whoever has the camera!" The family reluctantly handed the camera to the police officer who immediately exposed the negative and took it away with him.

The family questioned, "If it was a normal death, why can't we take pictures? Is there a law saying we can't take pictures of our dead family member?" The officer said, "Never mind if there is a law; we are just carrying out orders."

On February 2, the police station notified the family that the body must be cremated within seven days. In March, Wang Yi's body was cremated under the watch of more than 100 police officers.

Wang Yi's parents who are in their 80's still do not know about the death of their son, [other members of Wang's family dared not to tell the elder parents the news to avoid any further distress to them] and they live in deep grief because they can't see their son. Wang Yi's father contracted a brain disease from excessive long-term grief and cannot take care of himself. Wang Yi's daughter is relying on the help of relatives for her school tuition.

Wang Yi is the sixth practitioner in Tianjin whose death resulting from torture has been verified.