On May 7, 2003 after 10 p.m., a gang of policemen from Haicheng "610 Office," (an agency specifically created by the former head of the Party to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems), Haicheng Police Department, and Xiliu Sub-bureau Stage 7 Police Unit conspired together to force their way into Dafa practitioner Zhan Chunmei's home and abduct her from her residence at Dongliu Village in Xiliu Town.

Ms. Zhang is an elderly lady in her sixties. She was weak and suffered from many illnesses prior to practicing Falun Dafa. She became healthy in both body and mind after practicing. Dafa has given her a second life and she is grateful to Master, thus she insisted on continuing to practice and refused to comply with the persecution. Due to her persistence, the police carried her away by force and confined her in the Haicheng Detention Center. She protested against being illegally detained by going on hunger strike. However, Haicheng "610" has not yet released her.

There were two more practitioners who were kidnapped at the same time as Ms. Zhang. One of them had 50,000 Yuan (approximately 100 month's salary for an average urban worker) extorted from him, and he was released after three months. It is said that the other practitioner, Miss Wang Xia, will be sentenced to imprisonment.

Another similar attack was made against the family of Mr. Cui Chunbiao of Niuzhuang Town, Haicheng City. Sixty-eight-year-old Cui Chunbiao is now illegally detained in the forced labor camp at Anshan. His son, practitioner Cui Yajin was reported to the authorities while he was telling people the facts about the persecution of Dafa. He was then taken away by police and was sent to Haicheng Detention Center. He was recently sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The following is a list of names of some of the malicious people responsible for the persecution of these Dafa practitioners:

Anshan Political and Judiciary Committee: Zha Fengzhi, Mobile: 86-13904129995
Head of the Haicheng "610 Office:" Li Haihua, Mobile: 86-13504913072; Office: 86-412-3223416
Haicheng Political and Judiciary Committee vice secretary: Zhang Ansong, Telephone: 86-412-3222505
Xiliu Town Police Sub-bureau Leader: Wang Baoshi, Telephone: 86-412-3820833, 86-412-3820333
Person in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: Meng Qingping, Telephone: 86-412-3857146
Policemen: Wang Baohai, Tian Ruwei, Li Zhongzhi (Police Badge Number: 304945)
Dongliu Village Party Secretary: Wang Jiadong Telephone: 86-412-383777
Security Guard: Meng Liang
Reporter: Ding Guangheng