September 1, 2003

( This year, security personnel from Chapeng Village and Liujiawa Village in Tiemenggang Township, Macheng City, Hubei Province abducted Falun Gong practitioners from their homes, on the street or from farms, detained them and fined them. Fifty-seven-year-old Dafa practitioner Ms. Wu Junxiu was illegally detained several times for refusing to give up Dafa. The police confiscated all her valuable belongings such as food, TV and VCR. She was suspected to have gone to Beijing to appeal for Dafa when she went to visit her son who works in Wuhan City.

The police did not find Ms. Wu at her son's residence, but they forced her son to accommodate the four police officers at a fine restaurant where they squandered more than 1,000 Yuan. After that, they still found Ms. Wu and arrested her, and took her to a detention center to stop her from telling the public about their evil deeds.

During the night of August 4, 2003, when walking home with a 65-year-old female Dafa practitioner she had met on the street, Ms. Wu Junxiu was arrested by the village security leaders Chen Changzhen and Wang Enhe. They did so simply because she had several issues of "Minghui Weekly" (literature about Falun Gong) in her hands. She is still held in a detention center as of this day.

The city police department learned from the local village official that the 65-year-old female practitioner had "economic capacity" [was well off financially], so they arrested her again right after being released and detained her for two more days. City police officials extorted 650 Yuan from her and the detention center authorities extorted another 300 Yuan before they released her.

Baiguo Security Leader: Wang Xinhong