August 28, 2003


Several days ago, my landlord asked me to clean up the house. I gave the house a quick cleaning although there was not very much that needed to be cleaned, and I forgot about the matter without giving it any more thought.

That night, while half conscious in a dream, I suddenly came to a certain place. It was exactly the spot where the Dafa books and materials were destroyed in China. A roaring bulldozer drove towards the Dafa books that had been piled into little hills. I felt very sad at that. With this thought I felt that I was one with the Dafa materials. Not knowing exactly what state I was in, I watched as the bulldozer approached me and I could experience myself being the materials when they were smashed into pieces, it was so bad! At the time my body was so sensitive that I felt like bones were crushed into small pieces. It was really unbearable. At this point I saw mounds of karma that were as gigantic as great mountains rapidly falling on the ground. Nobody knows how many the tiny bulldozer had borne. I also saw the man who was driving the bulldozer; he probably had to bear even more. The sight of the falling karma was extremely terrible and astounding. Each block of the black karma was so thick that they looked as immense as the mountains and skies when they were expanded. It would be almost impossible for a man to cultivate no matter which mountain of karma fell on him. All the karma was so huge, so terrible, and so extensive, falling so rapidly and piling up without end.

I asked myself, "Why did this happen?" At this point I saw a God who was wearing a robe draped over one shoulder, similar to that of a Tibetan Lama. He was facing away from me and was playing some kind of musical instrument. I wondered to myself why he was playing this stuff instead of going to listen to the Fa-Lecture. Right at the moment I had this thought, I perceived the following thought of his be reflected into my mind: "Why did the Lord Buddha reveal such a Great Fa to human beings, who are so dirty and small? Why did he specifically give them, the excessively demonized modern human beings, such a Great Fa? How dare these people treat the sacred Fa that way? Why do these people fail to respect the Dafa books?" He was very unbalanced in his mind, and that was why he played the musical instrument here. I did not know how high a level he was from, but I could hear the sounds of various musical instruments from the remote margins of Heaven that were echoing the sound of his playing. From here I could understand that the Gods and Buddha's in the Heavens were very unhappy with the disrespect the people showed towards the Dafa books. The perception in my mind was so strong that I was shocked into waking up.

After I woke up, I thought that the words from my landlord might have been a hint to me to treat this matter seriously. I remembered one of my friends had written something on the cover of one of my Dafa books several days ago, however I simply left it there because of my laziness. At this point, with much seriousness, I removed the old cover with the writing and replaced it with a brand new one.

What I have written here, which is less than one tenth of the reality of the matter, is merely the part that could hardly be expressed with human words. The true perception was so astounding that the human words failed to depict even one of its details. I hope all practitioners could do well in protecting the Dafa books and materials.