(Clearwisdom.net) On September 6, the Washington DC Minghui School opened its doors to students for the new semester. This is the second fall semester after it was established in January 2001. The curriculum in Minghui School is based on the principle "Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance", and aims to promote Chinese traditional culture and improve the students' mental and physical health, especially in improving their moral character.

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On the first day of the new semester, the students studied Chinese and learned Falun Gong exercises. When studying the fifth exercise, the meditation, students sat in two rows facing each other. It was hard to believe that these students, who were boisterous and noisy after class just a few minutes ago, were all quietly meditating. Four-year-old Ciras sat with his legs crossed during the entire time, even though his gestures were not quite accurate yet. However, his seriousness was quite endearing.

During the classes, the students listened to stories about Mid-Autumn Festival and moon cakes with great interest. They also learned poems and legends about the festival. A teacher brought some moon cakes to share with the students. An engineer who moved to DC recently sent his daughter to the Minghui School. He said, "I have been waiting for the opening of the Minghui School for a long time. I want my daughter to be educated and nurtured in a school that teaches Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance".

After class, the teacher put snacks on the table for the students, and she reminded them that they should think about others before themselves. Ten-year-old Shanshan said, "Then someone else can have my share." The teacher smiled and told Shanshan that there were enough cookies for everyone. Seven-year-old Amy dropped some scraps of moon cake skins on the table and walked away. A teacher brought her back to the table and cleaned the table together with her, and reminded her to take care of the school facilities and environment around her.

The teachers at the Minghui School are developing the students' high moral standard from small things, planting the seed of "Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance" into their hearts.