(Clearwisdom.net September 2, 2003)

In April 2002, Falun Dafa practitioners who produced truth clarifying materials in Qingdao City, Shandong Province were tracked down. Police from Qingdao City Station were closely watching practitioner Ms. Wang Qingping. Qingping is an artist and the police, pretending to be interested in buying her work, visited her 3 times. Police started arresting people on August 6, 2002. First, police officer Wang Mingzhe arrested Mr. Wang Tao and, as a result of monitoring Mr. Tao's cell phone, Ms. Zhang Li was arrested as well. Later, police from Jiaozhoulu Substation arrested practitioner Mr. Xu Peihao and Mr. Wei Wei when their neighbors reported on them. Then police from Fushan Substation illegally searched and arrested practitioner Mr. Liu Zhihuan. Continuing to monitor the phone communications, police arrested Ms. Wang Ruying, Ms. Li Guifang, Ms. Wang Lanxiang, Mr. Liu Jiming, and Ms. Sun Jixiang. Ms Zhu Fulong was arrested illegally upon returning to Weifang City.

During the course of these illegal arrests, Liu Jiming was tortured to death. Wang Tao and Liu Zhihuan were illegally sentenced to prison terms and Wang Ruying, Zhang Li, Wang Lanxiang, Xu Peihao, Zhu Fulong were all illegally sentenced to 3 years of labor camp.

List of perpetrators:

Police from Qingdao City Station, Qi Dazhuang, and Zhang Yong.

Office managers Wang Mingzhe, Sun Xiaodong, Ms. Sun (specialist in charge of tapping into practitioners' cell phones or beepers)