1. Yueyue is three years old. Her mom does not practice Falun Gong. One day, Yueyue's mom took her to see the new house they had just rented. Just then, the director of the neighborhood committee came and asked whether they practiced Falun Gong. If so, they would not be allowed to rent the house. When Yueyue heard that the house would not be rented to Falun Gong practitioners, she immediately sat cross-legged and started sending forth righteous thoughts. Her mom was frightened and rushed to hide Yueyue behind her. Her mom dares not take her to the market, because she will shout, "Falun Dafa is good!" in a crowd. When Yueyue had just started speaking, one day she was lying on her grandma's lap (her grandma is a practitioner). Yueyue's grandma noticed that she had a lock of red hair and then said to herself, "What dimension do you come from?" Yueyue said, "I'm here to spread Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Yueyue can recite many poems from Hongyin. When grandma was listening to Dafa, she sat beside her and said, "Grandma, Dafa sounds so good."

2. Chaochao is three years old, and his mom practices Falun Gong firmly. The day before Chaochao was born, she did the sitting exercise, as usual. After he was born, she read the Fa to him and played Teacher's lecture audiotapes and Dafa music for him. He would listen quietly. His family members all felt that he was quite different. When he began to talk, Chaochao had his mom read Zhuan Falun to him every night until he fell asleep. Once, after sending forth righteous thoughts with his mom, he said, "The evil came in lines. Some had big tails; some carried flags." If you ask him about it directly, he will refuse to answer you. Some time later, Chaochao's mom was illegally detained. Chaochao slept with his grandma, who is a practitioner. One midnight, his grandma was sending forth righteous thoughts with everyday people's thoughts mixed in. When she started, Chaochao said while he was still asleep, "Wrong! Wrong!" Once, a person who used to be a practitioner but who has now "enlightened" along an evil path went to Chaochao's home and talked about his wayward understandings. His grandmother did not recognize the evil and started to agree with the former practitioner. Chaochao immediately pointed it out and told his grandmother.