(Clearwisdom.net) On August 3rd, the Global Coalition for Bringing Jiang to Justice held a conference on the subject of suing the Chinese dictator in the Chinese Culture and Education Centre of Paris' 13th District.

Global Coalition for Bringing Jiang to Justice

The Global Coalition for Bringing Jiang to Justice is an international alliance organized by groups and individuals who believe in justice and care about China's future, and by those who have suffered persecution under Jiang's dictatorship. The coalition's mission is to engage all righteous people, expose every crime committed by Jiang, and bring Jiang to the court of law, as well as the court of world opinion, which is based on human morality and justice. The coalition's website is www.grandtrial.org.

The initiators of the Global Coalition for Bringing Jiang to Justice are several non-governmental organisations, including the New England Life and Science Research Association, the Committee to Investigate the Persecution of Religions in China, Friends of Hong Kong and Macao in Boston, Amnesty China, the China Democracy and Long March Foundation of Boston, the Friendship Association of Boston and Macao, Boston New Life and Culture Centre, the Committee to Globally Rescue Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners, Fa Wang Hui Hui (Human Rights Violation Investigation Organisation), the Preparation Committee for the Protection of the Northern Homeland, and some members of China's Communist Party. It is reported that many more non-governmental organisations are continuing to join the international coalition.

At present, the coalition is operated on a voluntarily basis by those with justice in their hearts. As the relevant tasks become standard, they will set up related foundations so that support and help are provided by international groups, supported by the vast majority of the general public.

The coalition has no political purpose. Its goal is to protect morality, justice, and law. We want to expose the crimes Jiang has committed, bring him to the court of world opinion -- one based on morality and law -- and return justice to the world.


Jiang has been the source and chief instigator of the evil doing. A trial against Jiang will contribute to world peace, development and prosperity. This will be the first case in the history of China and the world to embody the power of conscience, morality and law to bring a tyrant that is still in power to justice, and to create a peaceful way to remove a dictator. This will leave a new course for the future.

We will bring Jiang to moral justice by enabling people to clearly understand his crimes. We will hold public gatherings and academic forums; publish articles and books. We will expose Jiang's crimes from all aspects and send the information to China through all possible channels. We will bring Jiang to moral justice by enabling people to clearly understand Jiang's crimes. We will spread the word about the trial; collect evidence both inside and outside China with the help of the Chinese people and all people willing to stand up for justice and morality. We will sue Jiang and bring him to court according to different countries' laws and regulations. We will eventually bring Jiang to justice in China.

We will integrate conscience and responsibility with the law. We will create a true civil and lawful society in China. This will bring a magnificent change to China and benefit our offspring forever.


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