Ms. Zhang Yaping is a 52-year-old practitioner who lives near South Lake in Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The first time she was illegally detained in Shenyang City, she was severely tortured. The second time she was arrested, she was unjustly sentenced to 7 years in jail. Ms. Zhang has been hunger striking for nearly a month to protest the illegal detention and sentence, and has lost control of her bladder and bowels. She has to urinate through a catheter and is currently in critical condition. We hope that practitioners who read this news will send righteous thoughts together: Eliminate all the evil elements in other dimensions that are persecuting this Dafa practitioner, and assist her to leave that place as soon as possible.

Ms. Zhang Yaping is presently detained in the Dabei Prison Hospital of Shenyang City. Our hope is that her family members can find out about her current situation and help her get out of there as soon as possible.