(Clearwisdom.net) Along with Teacher's advancing the progress of Fa-rectification, the progress of suing Jiang is slowly moving forward. It has been a long time since we started suing Jiang. Let's ask ourselves: Are we keeping up with the Fa-rectification progress? This is closely related to how much we have done in clarifying the truth. We need to think it over with a calm mind and understand that we do not need people's sympathy, nor do we need their help. Rather we are helping people to choose their future. Have we really clarified the truth to people? Have we helped them to realize what consequences the persecution of Falun Gong would bring to the world? Have we helped them to realize that this persecution has brought harm to every individual? If we can help them realize that this persecution has brought harm to the world, humanity and each individual, I think people would not choose indifference to this persecution any more. They would not sympathize with us only superficially.

On the Internet, we often have articles about how Dafa practitioners were persecuted and how good we are. However, we rarely have articles about "how to help people understand how this evil persecution harms them." We need to strengthen this aspect and do it better and more proactively.

We should help people soberly realize the evil intent of this persecution and that this persecution is a persecution to all life without exception. We should help all kind-hearted people to oppose this persecution together. It is just like the Hong Kong Article 23 situation when people realized the severity, harm and fearful consequences of the matter. As a result, they stepped forward to have their voices heard. Dafa disciples should help people to choose their future, rather than passively waiting for their help so that we can clarify the truth.

This is my personal understanding to inspire more sharing. Please kindly correct my understanding if there is anything inappropriate.