August 1, 2003

( Two reporters from a Chinese language TV station have filed a discrimination complaint against the sponsors of a benefit concert held in Sudbury last week, saying they were denied entry because of their [spiritual] beliefs.

The event, at the Ephraim Curtis Middle School, was sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Association (OCEAN) and the American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) to raise funds for SARS victims in China.

The complaint filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination says the reporters from the New Tang Dynasty Network, Grace Feng and Kevin Yu, were barred from the event because they are members of the Falun Gong [spiritual] group.

The complaint alleges that they were barred because of the presence of the Chinese consul general, Zhang Hongxi. The Falun Gong group has been attacked by the Chinese government[...]. The group says it is a spiritual movement.

''We're just reporters,'' said Lei Xi, a producer. ''What difference does it make what our [spiritual] beliefs are? This is America, not China.''