A few days before the 2003 Dragon-boat Festival, policemen from the Jianping County Political and Security Section in Liaoning Province arrested Xu Shuyan in her home just because someone said he had given her a Falun Dafa book. Shuyan is the sister of Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Shuhua, who had been illegally sentenced to thirteen years in prison.

After the policemen took Xu Shuyan to the Department of State Security, they threatened her and her family and ordered them to pay 10,000 yuan [the average annual income in urban areas is 6,000 yuan and less than 2,000 yuan in rural areas]; otherwise she would not be released. Because her family could not afford this huge sum of money, the police incrementally reduced the fine from 10,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan, then to 5,000 yuan, and then finally to 2,000 yuan. So several hours later, after her family handed over the 2,000 yuan to the police, she was released.

Recalling another facet of this persecution, the leader of the Political and Security Section, Jiang Jie, arrived at a restaurant to have dinner. The restaurant's owner asked for money that Jiang Jie already owed for previous dinners, and the sum of money was quite large. Jiang Jie said, "You wait a few days, I will have the money after catching several Falun Gong practitioners." By "coincidence," the conversation was heard by a practitioner. Falun Dafa practitioners have become the means through which the scoundrels immorally collect wealth.

These are just two examples out of countless other cases. Because of extortion and persecution, some practitioners lose their life savings, and many practitioners are rendered homeless, wandering from place to place without financial means.

Telephone numbers of those involved in the persecution in Jianping County:

Within the Public Security Bureau, the chief plotter of persecuting Falun Gong:

Pan Zhanxian, the deputy-chief of public security bureau: 86-421-7814865 (home); 86-421-7812024 (office)

The Department of Politics and Defense: 86-421-7813081

Jiang Jie, the leader of the Department of Politics and Defense: 86-421-7814048

Liu Yingxuan, the leader of Department of Politics and Defense: 86-421-7815820, 86-13942112945 (cell phone)

Other sub-police station phone numbers:

Yiebaishou North of River Sub-Police Station: 86-421-7813153

The South of River Sub-Police Station: 86-421-7813201

The East of City Sub-Police Station: 86-421-7820398

Fushan Sub-Police Station: 86-421-7411042 (the chief of sub-police station), 86-421-7411015 (the office of being on-duty), Li Jingping, the instructor: 86-421-7819724 (home)