Solemn Declaration

After I attained the Fa in 1996, both my mind and body greatly improved. After July 20th, 1999 when Jiang started the persecution of Falun Gong, I went to Beijing to appeal. Back then, my understanding of the Fa was not mature enough. I relied on luck, and I also thought that being arrested and sent to a labor camp was part of my cultivation. The evil took advantage of these loopholes created by my mistaken concepts.

I was hence detained for a year in a labor camp. During that period, I did not have enough righteous thoughts upon being severely beaten. I could not bear it and I condemned Dafa, and wrote the "Four Declarative Statements" denouncing Dafa. Such behavior of mine is a stain on my path of cultivation, which I can never erase. My feeling back then was more painful than death. After a period of time, I felt that Master did not leave me behind, so I gathered my courage and wrote a solemn declaration declaring all the materials I wrote were against my will and were not true. I refused to cooperate with the evil and again joined the Fa rectification.

In October 2000, influenced by some people, I also enlightened along an evil path, and wrote statements denouncing Dafa. Later I realized it was an evil understanding, but I did not have the courage to write a solemn declaration. After I was released from the labor camp, the police department and my workplace approached me several times asking me to sign a "promissory statement" which promises "not to appeal." I also signed it in order to avoid further trouble. Now I realize that my actions were compromising with the evil. Anything that I have "promised" does not conform to the standards of Dafa, and is extremely wrong. What I did not only allowed the evil to become more aggressive, it also distracted other practitioners from advancing further; the effect was negative. I was also being irresponsible to myself, to fellow practitioners, and to sentient beings. Therefore I declare: all the materials I have written under the pressure of the persecution are void. I will catch up with the Fa rectification process and not miss this precious opportunity and Master's teachings. I will advance diligently and do well the three things which Dafa disciples should do. I will make up for the mistakes and redeem the loss I've created for Dafa.

Wang Yun

May 22nd, 2003



Solemn Declaration

I started my cultivation of Falun Dafa in 1996. In October 1999, I put up posters exposing the persecution and promoting Dafa in my hometown. Then I went to Beijing to appeal. Later, I was illegally detained and sentenced.

During this period, I had a determination for the Fa of the Cosmos as well as righteous thoughts for cultivation, but I also had attachments that were used by the old forces, and my belief in Master and the principle of Truth-Compassion- Forbearance were shaken. Although I voided the "three statements" which I signed before I was released from jail, according to the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, I know very well that I have not been firm and righteous enough, and I do not deserve the name of "Dafa disciple."

During my detention period, it was Master's great compassion that allowed me to again escape from death. The police in the prison tortured me with long hours of physical punishment. They isolated me in the burning sun, and "life handcuffed" me in the air for days and nights ("life handcuffing' means the lock would tighten itself up gradually), not allowing me to sleep, not allowing me to go to the toilet, and exposing me to mosquitoes and insects. They subjected me to extremely intensive hard labor, and forced me to listen to audio materials that defamed Dafa 24 hours a day for several days. They also ordered the criminals to torture me physically and abuse me mentally. They even injected me with medications that damaged my nervous system while I was not aware of it and caused me to lose consciousness. What they did to me while I was unconscious is still unknown.

Today, I can once again join the current of Fa rectification. It is all due to Master's great compassion and tolerance, and I will treasure this precious opportunity, regard the Fa as my teacher and truly come back to the Fa rectification process.

Lin Xin

August 9, 2003